The king smiled and scraped her nose.:“Silly girl,I am free to your brother.!”

Send it also,Andton is also working well,No other things,A family of three ready to return。
Wang Fang sent them to the school gate,Although it is in the city,But it is outside,The middle is over 100 miles,How to think about Xu Gui。 Pulling Wang Fang’s hand,Red eyelids are separated:“Xiaofang,I have to take care of myself.,I have to pay attention to my body.,Remember to eat on time,Have time, give a phone call,Talk to Mom。”
“Um,I remember,I will give you a time.。”Wang Fangnao nodded。
Wang Shoujun is slower next to it.:“Don’t hit there is nothing wrong.,The phone fee is also expensive.。”
The words were just killed by Xu Guiying.,He rushed to close his mouth.。
A few words,Xu Guiying,Tolerate:“okay,You go back.,We should also go。”
“I’m leaving,dad、mom、elder brother,Be careful on your way。”Wang Fang swept than two people,Then turn around to enter the people,Head did not return。
Xu Guiying, who just left pain,I am a little annoyed when I see it.,Decline:“This dead girl,Call you to go really,Never go back……”
Maybe this is life.,Independence,Not in minutes、Dissemination,Maybe it is turning to a moment,Suddenly independent。
Wang traffic is laughing,Touching mother woman,It’s suddenly turned into the car.。
I smiled and suddenly sounded.,When you pick up, just say a sentence.,The king is suddenly faced,Can’t laugh again,Ambient:“What did you say?Can you say that again?”
“The construction site was smashed.,Just covered board room,Do a good job,All have been smashed。”Qiu Wanliang is low。
Wang traffic listened,He is also suppressing anger,Flat:“knew,I will go back soon.。”
“what happened?What happened?”Wang Shoujun saw an abnormality,Just hanging up the phone,He hurriedly asked。
Wang Flow:“fine,The company is a matter,I have to go back and go back.。”
“Really good?”
“Then hurry up.,Just also have to go back.。”Wang Shoujun is still anxious than him,Wang Flow company,Has been by him is the life door of the old Wang,Can not make a half error。
Twenty-eighth chapter In advance(Recommend)
Go back on the way back,Wang Flow has been thinking,Who will come to him??
Target he has,And there are two,Rebirth, he will sin, he will sin, Zhao Tianhai and Yang Yongan.,Can go to the site to smash him,Motive、And this ability is only one of them.。
The result is also confirmed by his guess.。
Back to county,Refused the request for Wang Shoujun to help,The king is straight to the construction site。
The scene of the original Heaven is gone.,A group of workers or anger、Or depressed gathering,The two rows of rooms in the South and the North are still standing.,After all, it is a steel structure.,It’s easy to smash,But the sandwich board in the four sides is a bit unrelenting.,The exterior wall is lying everywhere。
Inside,Although it has been cleaned,But it was originally powdered a new wall、ground,It is now painted everywhere.,Carefully http://www.xingchichuanmei.cnproduced real estate model broken into a piece,Messy posted on the table,Fully showed the encounter of just now。
It’s not bad to follow a piece of wolf.。
Do a psychological preset of all the way,I am preparing for this king.,No fire in anger,Just look at Qiu Wanliang,Asked:“Do you know who is done??”
“knowledge,Xiong three,Fucking dog something,Before playing the old man, I haven’t come to him yet.,This time, my mother rides the old man.,Don’t fall in the dog day,Otherwise, the eggs are taking him.。”