Wen Yanqi also a little laughter:“No bar,You are really going to do so?”

Wang Flun:“Why can’t you do this??The house is covered, it is sold.,Who is selling??Directly packaged them,save time and energy,Also improve capital turnover rate,Not better for us?”
Sincerely,Hand of the speculation,Raise housing prices,For those who really need a house, will aggravate,But ass determined the head,Standing in his perspective,It is also a benefit to raise housing prices.。
Almost there is no harm,Why can’t you do it??
Wen Yan chess carefully,It’s really like this。
Wang Zhixin and Yang Kai also attached:“that’s true,Even if you don’t pack it, you will sell them.,Sold in part,Can also reduce our sales stress。”
“Next time there is a listing list,We can really consider it seriously.。”
Baishun Group。
http://www.vodafone-csc.cn Office of the Chairman。
He Xinquan holding a newspaper,Found it:“General,Have you seen news??The macro has come to a Wenzhou people.,I bought a thirteen rooms at a time,Smash more than 10 million。
The other real estate in the city will also have Wenzhou people active,Big hand in buying a house,It has begun to rise with the housing prices in the city.……”
I said to the desk,Look down at a look,Fang Baishun also put a newspaper in front of him,Worth with him,He Xinsheng’s face is stiff,Laugh:
“You have seen it.,This help is really bought.,Just just have a real estate list before,I haven’t cleared it yet.,simply,We also fight this idea,Attract people,Sell the house to them。”
Fang Baishun looked down at the newspaper,Not talking,Brow,Not only there is no excitement,It’s a little downtown。
He also saw the news from Wenzhou to buy a house to Shanghai.,Subsequent attention,Short a few days,Shanghai housing prices have shown significantly signs。
Now the provincial city has also appeared in Wenzhou people.,And there have also been rising,If he also hits this idea’s mind,Reproduction,The trend of rising in the provincial capital is basically sitting.。
Say to do real estate,Whether it is a rising room rate,Or turn the house to the home,It is a good thing for him.。
But inexplicably thinks about the king,I thought that the last time auction will fail.,The ground that is thrown by Wang,Then he is a little delighted.。
According to the price at the time,The highest auction ceiling in that land is more than 4 million,The king finally talked at 10 million,Premium is 20 million。
At that time, he also wished,Although I didn’t get it,But let the king have lost 20 million,This sale is not a loss。
But housing prices have risen,The account can be another matter.。
58Wan Ping,The volume ratio is2,The total building area is116Wanping,The price is even more than a hundred,Two thousand million premiums can earn back。
Go up again,The more you earn, the more you earn.。
The final king may not only lose money,Instead, it is possible to make money。
And there is also his in the middle of this.,Ding force contribution,Think about him is a depression。
Waiting for a long time, Baishun does not speak,He Xinzheng’s heart,Careful:“General?Do you feel this??”
Fang Baishun’s mouth,Ambient:“Do not,Just do this,You start to arrange it.。”
Competition,But what can earn,Still。
As for there, let the king can also bring the light.,I can’t manage so much for the time being.,Because his kid is lucky.。
Fang Baishun just thinks。
September 1。
The days of official opening of the Hongxing Conference Hall。
Downstairs to the clubhouse,Both red carpets、Pulled a banner,Lantern,The atmosphere is celebrated and grand。
A staff member is waiting,Nervous and busy doing the final preparation before the http://www.xunfeng123.cn opening。