Summer nice head,“I think so too.。”

He still has some words not to say。
for example,Nine ancient characters in the sea, although he was hit by a special way,Still left a blurred imprint。
There is also a biggest doubt。
That is what I said before Mingchuan.。
Seal the big energy of this location,After a few years,Someone will come……Still count,You will come?
This is two different concepts。
If you say it is welcome.,If there is no him,Even more than 600 disciples have not been eliminated,All came to the ninth floor,Cannot refine the cousse。
Even can’t find this place。
Even,There is no cockroach that is not here.。
He didn’t say questions in your heart.,Do not believe Vantong et al.,Not necessarily。
Next five days,Everyone turns the rudder,All the way down。
It can be said,Successful,I have not encountered any dangers for the time being.。
Go forward,The strange fluctuations are getting stronger and more powerful.。
Strongly, everyone can clearly know……They also understand the deep meaning of singular fluctuations。
Just as the first perceived in the summer。
That is the syllable of Jiudi listened to the incomparacy.。
Every syllable,Represent one meaning。
It is Linbei,All arrays。
They are different from the summer,Can only perceive,This is only。
Unable to be like summer,Take nine ancient incense in the sea。
Day after one day,They finally arrived at the bottom of the big hole。
Then I saw a small tree。
This small tree is only a high,But there are seven twigs。
Each twig,Have a leaf。
Every leaf is around the nine-color light,It is full of texture,Just look at it,It will make people feel that they have wonderful mystery.。
Small tree roots in the terrestrial ice layer,Removing powerful fluctuations。
The main pole of the thumb is like a dragon,Who look,I agree to be a small tree,Not flowers。
No childish,Only one kind of vigorous state。
Nine twigs like exquisite,Every piece of leaves are all like jade,Crystal clear,Xia Hui,I can’t tell the gods。
All people stand in the hillut,All look at,Gaze。
It is all attracted to the heart by the small tree.。