But regardless of IQ or emotional business and talent,Luo Qianjin is absolutely stunning。

if not,She will not become one of the hundred flower group giants.。
And today, except for Qinling,Liu Qingqing is the most trustworthy is her。
Luo Qianjin is not stupid。
When I saw http://www.yx-sc.cn Lu Xiaosu really,Many of the doubts in the heart unspeakrated。
Be like the original,When you meet for the first time,Lu Xiaosu once pretended to ask her to ask her home world.,And asked her if she came out and her own parents.。
She didn’t care at the time.。
But with Lu Xiaosu is getting more enthusiastic,There is also an expensive expression that she occasionally reveals.,And the eyes of creating
I will finally see her true capacity.。
She has faintly has a bold guess。
“Uh,What happened to she didn’t make makeup??”
Summer hard-working,In the heart, but laughing。
Luo Qianjin did not answer directly,But it’s awkward,“summer,You said that,Is Lu Xiaosu not mine?,My biological mother”
Tell this sentence,Her face is full of fear,Flood to be ignorant。
Only no joy。
Summer silence。
He can’t http://www.shoujiwaike.cn put it again.。
What he can do,Just extend your hands,Gently hold the hands of Luo Qianjin,Let her have a sense of security。
“Lao Luo,I want to apologize to you.。”
Luo Qianjin tears eyes are looking for。
“In fact, I have long known.。”
Talk,Hand of Luo Qianjin, caught in summer,Fierce。
She is not angry,Nor did you be anger in the summer。
She has long guess,Not。
“Before the company,She found me。”
By now,I don’t want to hide her in the summer.,Say,“she told me,You are her biological daughter,And ask me,I want to take me from it,Let your mother and daughter recognize,But I refused。”
Narrate,Luo Qianjin,Demonstrate,“and you”
“in my opinion,A mother,If Lu Xiaosu has no courage to face you with you,She is not a qualified mother,Although she is afraid of you refused her,I am afraid that you hate her.,I don’t recognize her.。”
Toned,Summer road,“Later, the company did something,Old Liu is taken away by the procuratorial organ,She handed all the things outside the company to you,Lu Xiaosu is afraid that you can’t bear the pressure.,So shot help。”
This sentence,There is a clear impression between the Lok Qianjin look.,Complex。
“Later she asked me,Want to see you,So there is the dining center。”
Summer grabbing her right hand,Direction with his own hand,Look straight to each other,“Lao Luo,In fact, in my opinion,There is no need to tangled this matter too。”
His mouth hooks a touch of light smile,“You listen to me to give you analysis,for you,What is the worst situation in this matter??”
“most,Worst?”Luo Qianjin is awkward,“I,I have no idea。”
“Do you hate her??Ask your heart。”
“I”Luo Qianjinton,Slightly hesitation,And then nodded http://www.yqzjyf.cn gently。
“look,For you,There are two results in this matter.,First,You didn’t happen when you,Watch her as a stranger,In the same way as before,No her,You still live very exciting。”“second,After all, the blood is full of water,She will give you people,Maybe there may be a hard work,You can listen to her explanation,If you feel that you can,You can try it slowly,on the contrary,If you think she is too selfish,You still can’t release
Hate,Then choose the first road,Did nothing,No matter what choice you do,I will stand behind you behind you.。”