but,Jingpu didn’t think about it,Instead, he looked at Lie Chun and Ling Jing who were in a daze.:

“You hit your own,What a daze?”
at the same time,The sky outside the Sword Sect is here,Completely messed up。
The six golden Jiao madly wanted to escape,Everyone in the Yaozu is working hard to http://www.gyhuijing.cn appease。
And Yun Qiyao on the golden flying boat,An incredible look,Looking at the rippling space,Horrified,That http://www.yuxian365.cn is……That’s the voice of a real dragon?!!
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Chapter Forty Four I am riding a horse……I said you don’t use real qi to play!
The so-called kylin,Birds Chong Phoenix,Scale Armored True Dragon,These three blood vessels are the strongest blood vessels。
These three bloodlines can never be met,The entire Northern State and even the entire Lower Realm have seen only a handful。
Yun Qiyao was fortunate to have heard the dragon roar from a fairy beast with the blood of a true dragon with her father,And the voice http://www.ruishishoubiao.cn of that real dragon is the same as the one just now,Hardly any difference。
Especially the sight caused by the dragon roar with true dragon blood,Also exactly the same!
Yun Qiyao looked at the distant scene with an unbelievable expression,The distant scene is like a calm lake,Was suddenly thrown into a stone,Space is distorted because of that dragon chant。
Yun Qiyao swallowed slightly,This……This strong fairy……What kind of identity is it??!