Next second。

Two bodyguards were made into dead dogs。
Silence,Summer sound。
Only three words。
“Who is playing。”
His voice is low,But full of boundless anger。
Yunno, which is still in a sluggish, almost conscious。
Coke flight。
And point to white。
This is a simple finger,For Jiao Fei,Just like the death of death,Ambulous,He only feels a blank in his mind.。
“you……What do you want to do?!”
He is aware that。
His eyes,Fully desperate。
Not just him,The rear people have changed color。
Because,They see the young people,Sudden wrist,A wavy line-like snake knife appears in your hand,Bright Sensen cold light。
He wants to kill people!
This is the message that people accept all people。
Especially for Jiao Fei,The murder of the other party is like a substantial, and it is generally close to his bones.。
Da da da。
Summer anti-hands grip,Coke flight。
“Mr. Xia!”
At this time,Suddenly,At the same time,Stop summer,“Mr. Xia,Don’t mess……”
It is ancient wind。
If you can,The ancient wind doesn’t want to。
Although he is invited,Yun Yunno is not related to him。
But he can’t look at Jiao Fei is here.。
after all,Although Jiao Fei is Yun Gui,But his Laozi is……Yungui King!
“Give you three seconds,Go away!”
Summer stares at him,A pair of scorpions are swaying,“if not,Laozi, let you kill together!”
A silky look of the ancient ghost,Subsequently, Liu Qingqing,“Liu Dong,Please don’t let Mr. Xia are chaotic.……”
Not finished,Liu Qingqing interrupted him coldly,“Mr. Ancient,If your sister is punching,What would you do?”
Ancient wind,Noodle,But next second,Pupil shrinkage,Dangerous instinct,Let him make your arms。
but,Still late。
Residual shadow,啸 wind sharp harsh,The ancient wind only feels a hot and spicy pain from the chest and abdomen.,When he reacted,Has been taken out more than ten meters,Heavy 上,Face,Mouth angle。
See this scene,Everyone who reacted has retired,At the same time angered。
Summer is awkward,Sound can’t speak。
“There is a count today,Don’t just want to run all all!”