Fuhua quickly said in the communication device:“Unable to mind,Be careful of stone door hidden traps,There should be a machine that opens the door outside,Not eager to!”

“There are patterns on Shimen guided the agency that opens Shimen.,It should be on both sides。”Fuhua supplement。
Ji was stopped to go to Shimen’s footsteps,Sigh:“Feel sorry,I am somewhat impatient,Some impulsive。”
“How is Ji Auntie so impulsive?,She has that rich combat experience,How can I make this low-level error?。”Qi Ya said whispered。
Since coming here,The mood of Ji is very fluctuated.,I also found it wrong with Lian Qiana.。
“Is because of the life of the teacher,If you are pin that you can find Ji Lin’s holy marks?。。”Han Jiang whison http://www.fqrvtu.cn explained。
“Now I tell you,Why is all of our people in this task,And why is the emotion of Ji?!”
“what?!”Qi Ya quickly held his mouth and asked:“why?”
“Because the artificial holy marks on the teacher of Ji is constantly eroding her body,Her life should only have been more than a year.。”
“Artificial holy marks?”Qi Yana said:“My aunt tells me this,She said that manual holy marks are a double-edged sword,Good to eliminate the crazy beast,It’s very easy to hurt yourself.。”
“The artificial holy marks of the heart are not completed,So far, continuous development,Coupled with the body of Ji’s body is very poorly adaptable,Even so,She is still resolutely transplanted with artificial holy marks。”Bronia from the distance,Explain to Qi Yana。
“No wonder a big aunt tells me so much,Artificial holy marks is a poison that http://www.ffsos.cn can be short to strengthen their ability.,Then how can we help Ji Auntie??”
“You don’t let Ji leave,It turned out to be a holy marks of Ji Lin to replace the artificial holy marks in Ji Auntie.,Save her life?”
People who are close to the difficulties,Qi Ya’s brain flexible。
Qi Yana according to the current situation,Soon analysis of the reasons。
“Then we have to find a machine that enters Shimen.,Find Ji Lin’s holy marks,Can not let the retrograction。”
Qi Yana hit the right hand,Fighting is full of fighting spirit。
Kirai in the distance see Qi Yaina full of fighting,I feel gratified in my heart.。
“Wow,This bird,So beautiful.!”Soon Qiaa found a stone statue carving。
Even more years,The color of this stone bird feathers is still bright.,I feel slightly alarm will fly away.。
“This is the flag,Prototype of the stone filling margin,See,There is still a small stone tablet below her.。”Fu Hua Lian Tong Qi Ya’s communication device said。
Communicator,Fuhua faces a one-point screen screen,I am full of books.。
Whenever new discovery,Rapida open the note in the book for everyone to explain。
“Qi Yana,Transfer the clear image of the stone monument below,I look at the words above.。”Y Huayi,Side of the communication device。
“pity,When I found it here,I didn’t even find her body.,Her only relics Xuanyuanjian,I don’t know if it is。”
“I am an incompetent husband.,The only thing you can do,Only shared the stone tablet here,Tell her story for later people。”
“Can only engrave a statue of your favorite hopes,I hope she is always with you forever.。Lingerie。”
“Is this all content??”Kii looked at the statue of the flag.。
“Be right,Ji Miss。”
Scholarous buds,The eyes are faint in a faint mist,Look at the words you don’t understand:“This is a trace left by a husband who loves his wife.,The feelings between them”
The buds said half of the eyes,Shook his head:“I shouldn’t be sad at this time.,If the body of Ji Lin disappears,So will it disappear??”
“hateful,Will not be busy?!”Qi Ya gathed his teeth。
Ji is staring at the statue of silence,Expression is very low。
Dictionary has seen the hope of hope,It is like a person who is going to drown.,It’s hard to catch a rope.,It is just hard to find that you can catch a straw.。
“I still saw that Ji Aunt showed such a disappointed expression.,How to do it!?”Qi Yana continues to hide,I am worried in my heart.。
When Hanjiang is ready to remind,Qi Ya Na eyes lit up,A arm pinned Hanjiang,Her pain has been painted。
“correct,Do you just say that the class grows?,Fanny will guide our way,This statue will not open the organs of Shimen!”