“Can use this machine,Is the child’s virus??”One party looks at the last thing of coma,Lightly said to the phone。

“impossible。”Fangchuan’s okolang is not hesitant.,“Remove the program, special cultures and learning devices are required,No words,Can’t complete at all。”
“Is that right”One party is silent,Suddenly,“Have you not”
“Be right,I am driving to your direction now.。”In the phone,Fangchuan’s voice mixed with the sound of the car http://www.qmysl.cn engine,“Back to the Institute than you,It should be possible,But it is estimated that at least one hour of time。”
“In this case, I am afraid that it is too late.。”One party looks at the last thing of coma,Whispered,“Really,How much trouble is you want to add?。”
Slowly bent,One side stars at the end of the mouth,I have seen a computer display that has become red.,Spoken。
The virus started in advance.。
“Since there is no way。”Then,Fang Chuan’s maylogous silence,Sigh,“Next,Just have you can do it.。”
“The virus wants to spread to the entire Royal Network,Just convert the virus into the superior forced command.,This process takes ten minutes。”Fang Chuan’s orange,“To stop this”
Hear this,One party suddenly has a hidden premonition。
“Before the spread of viruses,Processing the final work。”Fang Chuan’s orange,http://www.sdminker.cn “Kill her,Can save the world。”
Air,Stagnation at this moment。
Seventh district,Soil hospital。
A sound,A tea is quietly falling off from the hands of the tea girl,Three pieces were broken on the ground,Red tea sprinkled。
But the girl is not feeling。
She is looking at the night sky outside the window,Amber scorpion seems to be completely emptied,In her heart,A feeling of feeling a feeling of feeling。
Always felt,There is a bad thing to happen.。坂9982No,Today, a girl named Yumu’s tea is standing from the bed.,The eyebrows have quietly puffed a wrinkle。
at the same time,Other sisters in the hospital,Including the Yumu Sunshine, which is being prompting with small black cats,In the same time,I have pouring a inexplicable uneasiness.。
It seems that there is something to happen.。
Night sky。
“You said that Tianjing Ashang is in his abandoned research institute.?!”The Qing Palace is suspended in the sky,His coat was blown up in the night sky,“How can it be?There is no one in that there is no one.。”
“indeed so。”Yunchukiya’s voice passed out from the mind of the Qing Palace.,“This may be the so-called lamp under black.,Freelia and Farda have almost run throughout the seventh district.,However, I didn’t find the car of Pawi Yamgar.,Now it seems,It should only be one possible。”
“Then how do you know what he is there??”Some weird asked in the Qing Dynasty。
“In fact, I have not sure http://www.lyeas.cnit now.。”Yunchukiya laughed,“but,That one is there.。”
“that one?”Qing Palace,Subsequent face change,“You said”
“One way?!”
graduate School。
One party is dull, watching the face,Final work,Once again, it is silent.。
Kill her
Can save the world?
What is joking?!One party suddenly smiled,The fragrant cockroach of the fire of the phone suddenly stunned.。