“Less nonsense,Supplement blood,I have this source of burning too much.。”The sea is not a good way:“It is a free labor.。”

“it is good!”
Lin Feng haha smiles,I immediately waived,A vast blood falls on the sea,Suddenly, the sea is full of life.,Many of the breath of breath。
“I said the sea,Can you restore a peak strength??That is quasi,Then I am going against the sky.。”Lin Feng suddenly smiled。
“Don’t think,So playing this source,My god is too weak.,If you don’t care, you will fly to the smoke.。”Sea emperor:“Don’t think that your blood is universal,Can condense Yuan Shen,But the nature of Yuan Shen is too powerful,Will lose the effect,Unless you find the essential stronger Xuanhuang blood。”
“so it is。”Lin Feng smiled and nodded:“All right,Go to see these two guys。”
“it is good!”
Nowadays, the sea and Lin Fenghua flew into the chaos gourd in the sky.,Spatial mysterious flame incineration,Refining the evil http://www.lygshaiwang.cn yin and evil,The two people suffer。
When I saw Lin Feng,The evil yin and evil spirits have lost color,But I can’t think of human beings in front of them.。
“Spare you?impossible,You both have a personal head very worthless。
”Lin Feng’s figure gave up,Hand knife,Two knives,I am on the skull of the two respectively.。
Suddenly two sounds sounded。
The two people want to go out to escape,But it was imprisoned by mysterious power among gourds.。
Lin Feng took the innate chaotic hoist,Fly out of many roots,These roots are stabbed directly in the gods and body of the two people.,Suddenly the two fierce screams,Between the two people。
Congenital chaos soil,That a god tree leaf looks more vibrant,One of the gods hanging on the branch,One of them seems to have a signs。
“good,good,There http://www.igaoer.cn is a cooked right away.。”The figures of the sea appear next to the Shenling Tree:“The kid will continue to work harder,I will kill some half-step gods.。”
“How many semi-steps will kill you,These two guys are really。”Lin Feng smiled and took out the two Lingbao,It is belonging to the two major evil,All are three streams,This makes Lin Feng a little disappointment。
“You think that it will encounter first-class,impossible,If some words have been chased.!”The sea is not a good way。
“what,what is this?”
Suddenly Lin Feng took a jade brand from a Lingbao,Since I feel from the above feelings。
This jade brand。
“Xianjiayu brand!”
Haihuang stared at this jade:“This is a contact method,Inscribed text on top of special power,Then blind in the array,It looks simple,And ordinary jade is almost。”
“Is it a high-level contact between Xianban??”Lin Feng heard a slice。
“good,Generally, only the half-step god of the god pulse can do this step.,The character of the same level can basically see,Unless you pay attention to it, you can peek,However, when you pee it, you will be a little inappropriate.,Jade cards will also destroy。
”Haihuang laughs and laughs:“Boy,You have a fun thing。”
“quick,Help me translate。”Lin Feng hurriedly。
“A very hard。”Haihuang smiles。
“Also make you suffer。”Lin Feng directly。
“it is good!”
Haihuang Wen Yan immediately nodded,He flew out of his body,This bouquet is presented in a blue color,It is like a sea water.,Direct infiltration this piece of Xianjiao,The sea of the sea is serious。
Lin Feng station did not dare to disturb it.。
After a quarter,Jade licenses shine shine bright rays,One of the ancient characters are in the empty。
Lin Feng does not understand these words at all。