This also became her fault.。

Lu Haocheng looked at the daughter,Smile:“What is our little princess wanted to eat??”
Blue Qiqi thought about it.,Smile sweet,Tone is also delicate:“dad,Fried chicken。”
“no,What fried chicken now??”
Blue Xin looked at her,Resolutely not allow her to be bad。
“what,Mother,I want to eat fried chicken now.,Then brittle and fragrant taste,Think about it。”
The more you get sick,The more you want to eat something heavy。
Especially delicious fried chicken。
“no,Waiting for your body, then go again.。”
Blue Xin looked at Lu Haozheng,“You will give the dishes of Kiki Dingjiang City,The dishes are delicious and nutritious.,Mom has already returned,Just give a big brother,eat together。
I can solve the two wings to Kiki.。”
Lu Haocheng sorry to see a daughter。
Lan Qiqi looked at Dad,Wife slave。
What is my mother says??
Never dare to refute!“Kiki,Dad is lunch。”
Lu Haocheng looked at the daughter unhappy,The tone also becomes small。
“Hur,There are two wings than not good.!”
Blue Qiqi’s complained look at my mother。
I am sick, I don’t give it to eat.。
Blue Xin looks at the daughter’s blame,Laugh:“After you, take you again.。”
Lan Qi is laughing instantly.:“Mother,I am now in length.,You see that this body is thinner than before.。”
Lan Xin nodded,“If you can wear a princess dress,Be certainly beautiful。”
“Don’t,I do not like,I don’t like it very much.。”
Helpless,Princess dress is so beautiful,Why don’t you like your daughter??
Lu Haocheng looked at her,Know that she has always likes a princess dress,“Kiki,Your mother is very like a princess dress very often.,Everyday wear is not greasy,Pink,Sky Blue White Whole Color, she has,Do you wear a new princess dress every day to show off??”
“I know,Mommy said that I am more than one year old.,Mom will wear a princess dress.,When I was three years old,Special dislike,It’s hard to change my mother’s ideas.,I must 灭 的 小 小 火,Absolutely do not wear。”
Kiki is resistant。
Blue Xin:“”She really has never given up。
Lu Hao Cheng smashed her head,He also wants to let her daughter wear princess skirts。
The daughter is as beautiful as her mother.,It must be very beautiful。
Lunch,A family of three went to eat together in the ward of Gu Yi。
Several people have a heart and eat,Suddenly there is a nurse who comes in lunch.。
“Take care of,This is a lady gives you a lunch.。” The nurse is just sent to the door,Obviously did not pay attention to Lan Xin and Lu Haozheng。
Lift,See Blue Xin and Luhao Cheng,She is instantly awkward,Standing in place, some don’t know what to do。
Gu Yi looked at the nurses who have been given yourself during this time.,I looked at my sister。