After all, they look at them.,This point,In fact, it can’t change what it is.。

And with Chen Denno now,It’s a little bit to you.。
Start now,Other things,In fact, it is not a time to do it.,What effect does it affect?。
And look at these,Chen Denn,Those people of the Oriental Chamber of Commerce,Also, I didn’t forget it here.。
“Yes,Who said is not?,I don’t know if I am rooted.,They are now tossing so much,What is it?。”
“have to say,They are still successful, let’s laugh.,Such a thing,Let’s everyone,Who can expect it??”
“but now,If it is really a word from this aspect,Then I think it is,Let’s everyone,In fact, it has already been fully occupied.。”
And with your eyes,Surroundings,Then I didn’t forget to say it in front of my eyes.。
Chen Denn,very happy。
At least now,These people around him,It has been fully occupied。
Even in their eyes,Current things,It is better than imagining.。
The more you now,At the same time as Chen Dew。
At this moment,Chen Deno did not forget to continue。
“Although it is said,But the next words,Let’s everyone,What else is needed here??”
“Even if they now,Really want to find our accounting,So, no matter what,I won’t let them go.!”
When Chen Denn saw here,At this moment,Chen Denn’s face,It’s even a smile。
Such a thing,Chen Denn felt,Now,Your own concerns,It is excessive。
No matter what is going on now,But the more this,In fact, these。
Chen Denn itself,In fact, it doesn’t feel that it is counter-embarrassing roots.,What will it?。
And see these,At this time, Chen Denn said:“correct,Let’s talk about,How’s it going。”
“Current development now,It should be very good.?”
Chen Denno said,But around,It is someone reported。
“President,Current situation,very bad。”
The first thousand two hundred and eighty-six chapters, because I am Lei Tianming
“Ha ha,Do you want to know why??”
Just when Chen Deno is still talking here,not far away,A voice sounds。
Heard this voice,This,Surroundings,It is a brush to look at it.。
After all, I will follow it.,No matter how it is going to do,In fact, such a thing,Itself,It is nothing wrong with it.。
And see these places,Chen Denn,It is an active activity,Don’t forget to continue。
“But now,Such a thing,In fact, it is nothing to do.。”
“but,Since everyone has a heart, I want to solve this matter,So next,Even though started。”
When Chen Denn is watching his eyes,obviously,The more like this,Chen Denn,Don’t care。
But at this moment,Lei Tianming is on the previous step。