This box is extremely awkward,Seem simple,Just, such as lightning,Recently, there is an intimate mysterious wave,Boxing is completely unpredictable。

Haibo East has never thought that Gobian will actively take the initiative,Not reacted at all。
But he is not a common person.,There is a high-level strength。
Dangerous instinct below,Round arm guard。
However,His arm did not play any effect。
Just listen to a click,Gogjian’s iron fist with a discount arm,I am bored on his face。
Blood splash。
The flesh and blood is blurred when the face of Sea Posong,Out of a scarce。
This fist is not the integrity of Gogo,But he has an angry fist,Heavy terrible。
Bombard,Haibong’s upper body is inclined,But by the Gobian lightning,Instantly buckle his arm。
Later, a little one,Jump to the air,A little hit a knee and hit his chest。
地 地 地 地 地。
Surrounding people’s ear, listening to a hiking,Haibong’s chest,Surprisingly depressed。
He once again vomiting blood。
Gogan is still stopped,People are in the air,Arms,Suddenly disgusting down。
Sea Popudong’s back shoulders,I have passed a bones again.。
His whole person is like losing the support of the support.,Twisted,A dead dog。
too fast。
Is a blink of an eye。
Surrounded by,Dead and normal!
People are stunned,Completely become sculptures。
In front of this youth,A punch interrupted a tongtian arm,A simple knee and elbow,It’s almost crushed with most of the bones of the whole body.。
This is much more power!
Next moment,Friends。
Goblin did not stop。
Big step,Lift your feet and follow the face of the sea。
This guy’s face is blurred,At this moment, the head is big.,Swelling,The diabetic diabity is almost all falling off.,Higher blood flow。
Be too embarrassed!
“Ha ha,good,well played!”
Summer can’t help but laugh outside in the crowd。
The southern bamboo next to it is stunned.,“So much like this?Just one thousand years……How can he become so strong??”
For many practitioners,Time for thousands of years is not how long,Even a closed door has passed。
And in the polar pulse,Monitor within 5,000 years,Be counted‘young generation’。
The great thing of Gogjian and Su Han is very big。