“Oy,You are laughing at the car,I just explore someone.。”

Qin Ning Yu once again smiled,“Moreover,We join the team,In fact, in order to protect everyone?。”
Say,She is intriguing to see the summer,“Xia Master,I have been famous for a long time.。”
Summer laughs and not speak。
Thousands of pine came over,Gently head,“Xia Master,Long-term,I am named,It is the main business meeting to monitor the home。”
Summer smile and nodded again。
He experience so much,Interpersonal relationship is a slag,No need to go to the guest,There is no need to compliment。
More than this guy also has hostile,Nod,Already courtesy,This is only。
See him so attitude,Thousands of pines http://www.solerose.cn not only pick the eyebrows,There is a touch between the look.,Turn over anger,And then disappeared。
at this time,The side door of the NG General Assembly,Longxing tiger walks out of a high body shadow。
“Ha ha,Let everyone wait。”
People are the vice president of the Zhengtian Chamber of Commerce, Liangqiu,“It’s all right.,Being ready to start。”
His eyes swept away,Spurious,“Kilone,Qin night jade,Why are you here??”
Thousandsurdy and Qin Night Yugang want to talk,But I saw Liangqiu and looked at the summer.,Spread ambidism。
“Hahaha,Summer brother,You have arrived,Hahaha,I have listened to the scales before.,I didn’t expect that you are really willing to stay more than ten days.。”
He takes a big step to summer,The face is happy from the heart,“Rest assured, your brother,After entering the mountainous mountain,As long as I am,Guarantee your http://www.csjlife.cn security。”
Selling a thousand and Qin Ning Yuxi。
The faces on the face are different.。
Liangqiu is a vice president,It is a complete initial strength。
Thousands of pine is also a complete initial,However, in the face of this deputy, it is still short.。
I was ignored at this moment.,Can only hide the heart,Darkness。
But see Liangqiu’s attitude towards the summer,His eyes are smashed,Cold light flash。
Inversely, the deputy main Qin Night Yu,Although I used to crush people,Even deliberately provocative summer。
But she doesn’t have much hostility itself.,Curious。
Summer also greeted Liangqiu。
Later,Liang Shuji recovered thousands of pine and Qin night jade,Ask why two people don’t see the team。
Thousandsururus repeat,Say that the refinerie is too important to the Chamber of Commerce,He and Qin Night http://www.xunfeng123.cn jade discuss,Decided to come over。
After hearing,Liangqiu has not been,He promised。
Everyone is huge to go out to the city。