“I learned that this is the explosion attack.。”

“What happened?,How is such a big fire?!”Looking well, I have nothing to extinguish now.,
“It is an attacker with burning bomb.。”
“Not to say bombs??”
“Timed bombs and combustion bombs。”
“This is just a pharmaceutical factory.,Is it so embarrassed??”
Qingfeng saw the whispered around:“Long pool,We are all blunder。”
“What’s the meaning?”
“This is the Tama Trim Die。”
“Tama?Which special force is it?!”
“Be right,That army,They are here to be close,But still let the Chinese find,Burning bomb is to destroy the bacterial bomb stored here.。”
“How is the people of the Tama Tower now??”
“Unfortunately, Xiaolinxian two less Zozuo caught the explosion.,As a result, Tama Shanghai Detachment All Jade。”
Rui sharply, this feelings,There are two trucks that have come back.,He is still a regret on the surface:“Xiao Linxian two Shaozuo must be an important person.?”
“good,He is the depth of the Tama Tower,Still study。”
“We don’t know that Tama Shanghai detachment is here.,How Chinese people know?It seems that our team is really unclear.。”
“Implementation of General Shadow already knows this matter,How did he think,And let me tell you,Those people listed have been investigated,They have no problem。”
“It’s a headache.,Who is they?,Why do we know what we don’t know?。”
“This matter heard that the generals of the board have made the dispatch army intelligence class.,Because we don’t know the Tama troops,The meaning of General Jiaozuo We will assist in investigation,correct,Soldiers listened to the chasing,There is someone in them.,We also saw blood and wheels,The agent headquarters has started searching,I also sent people to ask each whistle card.。”
NS573chapter You won’t be the legendary little nine.
Next to the gendarmerie,Special qualification,The agent headquarters including the Japanese garrison will take any action to take a clear one.,They want to seize the http://www.nchmyy.cn streets and underground drainages in Shanghai and the underground drainage. They are difficult.。
“How many people are attacked here??”Long Tour Jun auxiliary should still ask,
“Ten,Long pool,They are likely to be hidden in the legal concession,I listen to Yunzi said that you are more familiar with it.。”Qingfei said,
“it is good,I am sending people to enter the legal concession.,I will take people to spend all the line people.。”
“Long pool!General Jiaozo also came to the news,Nanjing Momo Forum is located in the headquarters of the Army Central Hospital, also attacked,Casualty is equally large,According to the weapon and explosive power, it is the development,Then use the explosives as the explosive of the fried cherry.!”
“Is it a reflection of a sakura?!?”
“At present, guess is,Because the site discovered is http://www.ssxqwjj.cn an ammunition used by American weapons。”
“It’s still not clear here.,The fire affects our survey site。”Qingfei looks at the burning of the burning,
“Sunny!Please inform me now.!”
Qi Rui and Song Jian have driven the scene,The lack of this plan is that Xue Min is injured.,I passed a few devil whistle card on the way to send her to the pharmacy.,But because there is a special pass, it is still smooth.,But this is afraid of the devil,There are not many people with such passures.。
“Big brother,The power of this bomb is too big.。”Song Jian said,
“To blow up the poisonous air bombs and bacteria bombs,Powerful, I am worried that the gas and bacterial leak affect the surrounding people.。”
“Fortunately, there is no people living around this factory.。”
“This is a top secret force,The surrounding http://www.kaiboss.cn residents have been rushed by the devils.。”
“Big brother,After walking,There is almost no higher than your army in the Shanghai intelligence department.,They should not doubt it to you.?”
“This can not be guaranteed,So I can’t mind.。”