“What are you talking about?,I want to hit you a punch.,You can not pay attention to such a big thing.?I really put myself as a chess, I was disconnected.?Moreover,May I do so??”Branch of the country responded,When the high-spirited declaration, I turned back.。

One said one,This punch is really cool。
Of course, it is not true in real reality to open the platinum star to the other party.,Instead, http://www.sshack.cn in the metaphysical world of school,Give the other party justice,Still with flame special effects。
He also doesn’t know why you can directly attack enemy players.,Not exemplified,It’s an anger value.。
Summary for a long power,At critical moment,Give your opponent on the board,At the same time, the anger value is full of fullness.,Then just a punch。
Even system reminders,He consciously rushed up.。
According to this mode,If you are waiting for a big dragon,Is it really possible to output him Eula??
Although it sounds,But it is very exciting.!
The time is now2Half,No night, the street has also become cold.,But this game is still very long,It is indeed until the end of the night。
Both sides are quite,Have left40More minutes。
After the situation is lost,The clear brock also spent a few minutes to judge http://www.xiyueshan.cn the situation,adjust your mindset。
Almost five five open。
Then——Continue to fish!
76hand,White chess is under the long dragon below,Jump out!
Huge sound from this hand,Pneumatic sticker flows out。
“This81Hand together,A little winner meaning.。”Saito taste。
Qingyan brow elastic,Understand the meaning of the opponent。
——Can’t get shrink,Snorkerage!
Dragon is again,I bite the corner of the black chess,Continue to fish with a ticket!
The water level of the swamp is again rising!
“Is this really okay?,Although the eye position and connection of white chess Dragon,But the corner loss is too big.?”淸 淸 问。
“Strive to win,Will have some super means。”
“Can you have a problem that the dragon is really dead??”
According to the understanding of 淸 淸,This dragon is one of impossible death.。
Extremely long gas,The top of the top is smooth,If there is no enrichment of the center,And the bottom left and right seem to have some means。
淸 淸 淸 自己 自己 自己,This dragon can live。
“Dragon can live,But he wants to win,It’s not a good, you will understand it.,What is the situation in this dragon?。”
87、88、89、90、91until99until,Black chess is pressed against the edge of the chessboard.。
At the expense of your computer,Give a little hard。
A city wall,The center of the vanship。
Monitor has been formed,A magnificent super big prison,Heart from the left,It is magnificent to make people feel that it exists.。