“Be careful,Idle,Is the money enough?”The eldest brother-in-law took out his wallet while questioning。

“No need to,No need to,Brother-in-law, I have http://www.fgkeo.cn money。”Xia Shuyue poured a glass of water for the older brother-in-law,She became the master,“You really want to divorce my sister?”
“Since you all know,I don’t hide from you,Just these few days,Our property is this house,Not much deposit,Wait for your sister to calm down,If she wants a house,Just make up my money。”Big brother-in-law sit down,Drink water。
“There is no room for recovery?”Xia Shuyue asked again。
“I can’t stand it,Your sister’s temper is getting bigger and bigger。”Brother-in-law said bluntly。
“The issue is,No matter how bad she is,Don’t hit her either,You are wrong if you do it,She is a woman,Can hold you back?That’s you too much,Brother-in-law。”Xia Shuyue said。
“I hit her?Look at my injury and talk about it,She beat me like this,Don’t you let me fight back??”The older brother-in-law backhanded to his back and lifted up the clothes。
Big sister-in-law is all on his back、Long scar,It looks like,Xia Qiuping was ruthless,And obviously“arms”,Xia Shuyue only knew,Actually, brother-in-law still let her sister。
But still said,“You deserve it,You are someone out there,Can’t blame my sister,Of course she can’t stand it。”
“Three days of noisy,No matter what i say,She always wants me to fight,I can’t take it either,cough,Us,Separation is also a relief,It’s good to her and me。”Big brother-in-law sighed。
“Brother-in-law,to be frank,I don’t want to worry about you,I don’t know which of you is right or wrong,But now you have not divorced,I still call you brother-in-law,and so,I want to ask,Is it because my sister can’t have children?,You http://www.333ct.cn just got divorced?”Xia Shuyue wanted to ask this a long time ago。
Big brother-in-law drinks a sip,Breathe out,Just said,“We really want a baby,Don’t know what’s going on,Your sister has a habitual abortion,Pregnant twice,All miscarried,Can’t get pregnant now。”
“Is there too much work pressure??Since she can be pregnant,Explain that there is no problem with the body。”Xia Shuyue asked。
Big brother-in-law snorted,“Don’t mention it,Your sister is going crazy for this,Just the matter between husband and wife,She won’t rely on passion,All counts time,It’s ovulation period,To be together,Usually let me live in the guest room,You say this……”
Xia Shuyue was embarrassed,Although she is pregnant,But not married yet,I was really embarrassed when discussing this topic with my older brother-in-law,She got up to refill her brother-in-law。
“Your http://www.seatonhouse.cn sister,The goal is clear,Just rush to get pregnant,No fun at all……”The older sister-in-law also feels that it is not appropriate to discuss this topic with the younger sister,“Forget it,Don’t say this,Get to work,She is a fan again,I just wanted to be the head nurse all day,Work overtime every day,Please the deputy dean。”
“associate dean?The one with the dead wife?”Xia Shuyue guessed,Otherwise, if I go to please every day,My wife must call the door。
“is not it,Isn’t he just a little bit powerful?,Not very good,It’s family relationship,Just became the deputy dean,The whole hospital,Few talk to him,Good for your sister,Still regular。”The older brother-in-law gets more and more angry。