Just when five people fell on the ground,God kills people crazy laughter,One fine dust broke out,Micro-dust is a figure,It is a god killing person’s figure,At this moment, the god killing people face the face。

“Kill,Be more!”
Carrying Luo pointed to the gods:“You actually poison,It’s a despicable shameless,Tribener!”
“Despicable bastard,External!”
Grassy grass,The nine exterior people have pointed to the gods.,Their remorse,I know that God kills people make such a horrible,What do they urge to kill people??
“External,We are not dead!”God also pointed to the Shen Sheng Shen。
http://www.nanyatechan.cn “Do you want to face??”God kills people to hear five people in the emperor:“Five people siege one,Crane,What qualification do you have?,This poison is not me.,Ha ha,Be good,There are five people to accompany me.……Ha ha……”
God kills people can’t help but laugh。
“Not you?”At this moment, the emperor,Grassy grass,Nine exfoliation,Hardy Road,Frequited row five people are stupid。
Actually it is not a god killing。
It should be true,Because God kills people are also poisoned。
God kills people icy sitting on the ground。
“Who is that?”Emperor,Nine exfoliation,Hardy Road,Running Luo Liquan,It is indeed a goddess,There should be a hidden in the surrounding strong attack.,Let them poison。
Just at this moment, a horrible force has dropped from the sky.,This horrible power is a stick,Directly in the head of God killing people,God killing people can’t avoid it,This stick goes down to kill people directly on the ground.。
A violent power will roll the gods and disappeared.。
“Who,come out!”Emperor’s mad。
“Some kind,What is the crow?!”草 天狂 吼:“There is a kind of toxic to the poison,Single pick!”
“good,Single pick,There is a kind of single picking to let us die!”Nine destroyed people went coldly to look around the void。
“Sure enough, the face is thick enough!”Just when the three people fell,Lin Feng’s figure came out from the void。
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Chapter 177 Talk
NS1769Zhangtongcong arrested
“Lin Feng,It’s you?Is your poison?Hello, don’t face!”The nine died people saw Lin Feng’s figure.,Suddenly broke。
“Lin Temple,what do you mean?Do you want to open a temple?,Fairy,God,West Temple,Secret temple,Ashura’s War of Hemon and Milay Temple??”Hadi Road。
“Do not,Do not,Not my poison。”Lin Feng smiled and shook his head:“I just felt five of your five siege killing people.,Very unborn,It is now poisoned,Also insult others shameless,You have your skin?”
Tell this,Emperor,Grassy grass,Nine exfoliation,Crane,Hadi Road five people do not have any changing changes,It seems that this matter is just the same。
“Boy,Their face is more than one hundred times better than http://www.volnn.cn you imagined,This is a bit used when people are more,Now,impossible。”At this time, the snake gods were also coming out.。
Black airflow,The airflow on him is a five-decisive gas.,These black airflows will cover all his figure.。