Say Taiwan: I have a new basket of schools.

  In the year of the school year, this year, the new semester of Taiwan "108" is implemented. This is the syllabus of the Democratic Entgon Party in 2016. In the discussion, the documentation has been accompanied by controversy and criticism, from the "Taiwan independence", the implementation of the difficulty to the new textbook is a problem, but must rush In the 2019 new school year, the troubles have been continuously in the beginning of school.

Educational officials are still constantly explaining the content of the new scales. The school must set up a course consultant to answer the students. Parents should go to school to listen to how to start how to start, and civil society is still in the rally to protest the new program is politics. Brain, misunderstood … I want to have a beautiful school, Taiwan’s education supervisor Pan calls for parents "Leave a little blank, stay" to the child, play children’s supporters and companions, listen to children New learning experience after the new program. For the vast majority of busy to work, overtime, this is really "thinking about beauty", blank, time no one wants to leave it to children, this suggestion is tantamount to "why not eat meat]. Pan Wenzhong also shouted "Let our children have fun happy to learn, grow up", this is also a "selling point" of the new program, "不 度 安 学生 学, to pay the ability to learn students", these words say "Happy", but listening to the educator’s earlind is also "thinking". Learning this is to have a boat, no one can easily succeed, especially if the students, self-control, and unreasonable ability, and strict requirements and constraints must be essential. Taiwan’s "China Language Education Promotion Association" Secretary-General Duanxin Book Description According to the high school, the primary and medium-sized and primary and secondary schools, the unrestricitation of primary schools is already the status quo of Taiwan’s education. The competitiveness of students is declining. Dead, under the design of happy learning, the past high school students 60 articles, now only 15 articles; in the past high school students must be skilled in using 7000 English words, now only 4,500 words, Chinese and English are reduced, Taiwan High School The language textbook can only correspond to the primary and middle school textbooks in the mainland, is such happy education to be parents and social needs? The new scales are not only simplified basic teaching. In the course, primary school students in the first grade will not recognize "Cultural Core", which can only be wasted to see the lively.

  I don’t understand the maximum pressure of high school students, and I have a new program. The new scales stipulate that high school students must take a total of nearly 1/3 elective class, and the score is only half the university admission, and the other half is determined by the "learning process".

This process refers to each test score in the high school. It is also after entering high school. Every test score is related to the promotion, compared to one trial life, high school 3 years has a biggest pressure.

In the stage of the new class, there is a symposium at which 600 parents participated in, and 90% of the parents will oppose the new system, requiring a trial for life. High school start school, students will face the selection difficulties, according to the new assembly, the selection can be across the school, and each high school must set up a special elective course. Students must first understand the elective courses of different high schools.

The education sector to formulate new applications also feel that this is a problem for high school students. Therefore, it is necessary to set up a new position in high school: the course consultant, every 100 students must have a consultant, and there is a new semester for 10,000 students. This means adding 159 consultants. Students of a misty water can find a consultant to ask how to choose lessons, how to upload their own "learning history".

Some of the education departments of some counties and cities produce the high school elective courses of the county and the city to help students understand the information. There are also schools to notify parents to go to school, let parents help students choose lessons. The new internationalization emphasizes quality education, cultivating students to face problems, solving the ability, and the result of cultivating the strength, some parents don’t understand after participating in the school, because the course must Understand the content, but also to understand the suggestion of the primary tutor, you have to be familiar with the network registration procedures of all schools, and you can figure out the lessons that may not be able to choose.

Besides, high school is not lower than the university, high school students will not only "run", "running school", "Running pressure, happy learning"? Quality education is not a problem for schools and students, and is inseparable from the support of basic education. Some educators have suggested that the new program is a large number of compressed classical texts and Chinese history education. The future Taiwan students don’t know "Qiu Water for a long time" I don’t understand how "Wang Hao Qian is not madly", only "awesome super heart", talk about what qualities? The "Taiwan Education Group and the Media Re-focused on the" Taiwan Independence "and criticized the DPP and the" Taiwan independence "is brainwind with" Taiwan independence ". Taiwan’s "High School Historical Education New Self-Self-Self-Self-Self-Self-Self-Self-opening" reporter meeting, pointed out that there are three high-level historical courses of the new program, and there are three intentions "to China", which does not meet historical facts.

First, the Chinese nation has replaced the Chinese nation. The second is to deny Taiwan’s "Cairo Declaration" in China. The third is "Taiwan" replaced Taiwan’s facts in China.

The "Association" criticizes the content of the high school historical courses to "diverse" as named, indifferent to the earth and historical relationship between cross-strait, trying to make Chinese culture to Taiwan’s influence is equivalent to cultural culture.

The "China Times" commented on the beginning of the school, the DPP authorities have written into the "108-scale" political claims, and the historical textbook is full of "Taiwan’s status unordance" and other political language, Some of the political claims with major disputes are also unable to set up, which is simply a textbook as a political party.

Imagine that there are about 10 years of copyright, and 200,000 students in 1 year, 10 years is 2 million, plus spillive effects, and it is estimated that there will be 4 million people to accept this history education of "China". Culture, Chinese history is to put Taiwan’s culture, history, value system and interests. Taiwan’s knowledge of insight criticizes the power of the Ministry of Democratic Party, accounting for historical interpretation, control the next generation’s mind, completely violating the education main purpose, is a roughness of educational majors.

According to the poll, the "teaching reform" in Taiwan believes that the "teaching reform" of Li Tenghui is the biggest chaos. Every "teaching reform" is failed. The school has become a laboratory, and the students become a white mouse, the textbook has become a political attitude issue. . After the Ministry of Public Progressive, the more "unique", the more "unique", this is the source of "natural alone" in the Cai Yingwen mouth.

The new semester "108 case" is on the road, the new troubles and chaos are staged. (Editor: Liu Jiezhen, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.