The Ministry of Public Advanced Party is a vote, Saving Money Gambling (said Taiwan)

  The vocabulary of Taiwan’s elections has its own meaning.

Election languages, means that they cannot be numbed; election checks, meaning that they will not be honored; electing money, means policy purchase.

According to Taiwan’s election, give voters more than 30 yuan (new Taiwan coin, the same) souvenir is a bribery, but the welfare policy that is dedicated to the specific voters, thousands of people have thousands, Cai Yingwen is more recorded this year: 80 billion yuan subsidies purchase large agricultural machinery, 800 subsidies, which means that one will receive 1 million yuan. This exceeds the bottom line of most people, Taiwan’s society is shocked, questioned: This is not a ticket to buy a ticket? Don’t ask for improvement, the ballot policy is not a fresh thing to elect, but this exaggerated R is fascinating. Some people have remembered a bill after Cai Yingwen, from April this year, the welfare of her has reached 270 billion yuan. The Kuomintang opened a reporter will listen to more than 20: autumn and winter tourism subsidies, taxi for taxi subsidies, marriage subsidies, improve old agriculture subsidies, night market consumption subsidies, tourist fuel subsidies, high-speed rail extension line costs … Basically dissatisfied people Where, where is the population of the Iron ticket, where is the money? Welfare is a good thing, but the money is not from the leader’s pocket, but he bought welfare with everyone, woolen out of her sheep, after a happy, the problem of economic people’s livelihood is still there, even worse, this kind of welfare Be a trap.

  A tourist of Taiwan received a reporter in an interview: "Tourism is miserable to mourn, so subsidize travel agencies, subsidize the tour bus, but can subsidize the tourism industry? How many subsidies are not as good as tourists, engage cross-strait relations In this way, the Luke lights light, it doesn’t think about the improvement. Everyone understands that if the Luke is coming, the night market does not have to subsidize, everyone is good.

"Take the rented room subsidy as an example, subsidizes for young people aged 20 to 40, single rental house complement 2600 yuan to 4,000 yuan, marriage and child complement 3,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan.

Listening this welfare "feels", but it is slow! The National Party’s public opinion represents Kezhion two points: First, in November this year, it can receive subsidies; Second, this policy only tries to hold a year. Learn this, the fool understands, but it’s hard to laugh? If you don’t talk about justice, you have to spend money. When you say that you do a family, you have to spend money on the blade, which is conducive to the fairness and future development of allocation.

However, the Taiwan authorities from the 880 billion yuan "forward-looking plan" in the county mayor to the pre-election of the county may, and was treated by Taiwan’s social criticism and manufactured hatred by Taiwan.

  After the people of the DPP ruling in 2016, I just cut the pensions of the military education, claiming weakness, "I don’t change the annihilation system,", there is a "forward-looking plan". Is it money or no money? Taiwan political scholars pointed out that welfare became a tool for rewards and stabilized supporters, and most of the military’s teaching is the supporters of the Kuomintang, so this is not broken, there is no money. Recently, the "United Daily" editor pointed out that Cai Yingwen hopped the flag of justice, and now put the release of the labor insurance annuity reform, but for the votes, it is necessary to issue more favorable "old farmers" than labor insurance. At the beginning, "Finance is unable to support, can it be formerly to squander? When the original righteousness is righteous, where is it to be lost?" Recently, the news reported that the senior officials in Cai Yingwen went to a county to take the county Shoulder tells the county: We are comrades, brothers, how much is your county budget, I will also add code. Taiwan media people Chen Fengxin in the TV talk show question: Is Taiwan’s money is your home? It is your own person, just give it, it is publicly declared, how can you ridiculous? In order to elect the benefits of benefits, not only the construction is not available, but also split society into "own people" and "non-my family", resulting in opposition and hostility of different counties, different people, but also the bonds, and the scourge ! If you don’t raise your child, when the Cai Yingwen team sprinkles and one-time welfare check, the Kuomintang candidates will seize the selection of seda-free interest, helping students to exchange students in foreign countries, but immediately The senior officials of the Ministry of Progressive Party were standing up, the executive, finance, and education sectors were standing up: Students’ arbitrage, finance, no money, education for children to take responsibility, etc.

In the universal offensive and defense of learning loans, the Korean Yogou has a golden sentence, criticizing the Ministry of Protection, does not raise a child, and the sword is the big and useless construction in the sake of political interests. Senior media people Huang Hao Qian Qian: Forward plan 880 billion yuan, high-speed rail extends to 6 million yuan, night market subsidy 4 billion yuan, students learn to save more than 1.6 billion yuan? The Kuomintang painfully advised against the opposition.

The representative of public opinion, pointed out that Cai Yingwen has proposed the authorities to make troubles for the workmanship, reducing the parents of learning loans, but they will never be mentioned after they come to the stage. If they don’t honor the promise, I will now even have learned. The interest is also opposed, is it a matter of matter or swindling? The reporter asked the view of a university professor. He believes that the policy can be discussed, but the people’s attitude towards the party can discuss it, you can open the check, the beef (policy benefits) is not good, and the two standards for others cannot be credited to people. Tainan Missionary Xie Longau’s comments are reluctant. He uses the Minnan slang to describe the people’s movement for "family baby fart is growing, and other babies will put my fart."

There is also a well-known lawyer to ask the DPP to "Don’t worry about it seriously?" Called on the DPP to respond to policy issues.

  If the votes are still treated, they will not be poor. (Editor: Yang Guangyu, Cao Kun) Sharing let more people see.