Tianjin: Old people in the age of 60 can enjoy the door-to-door service

Original title: 60 years old or older vaccination can enjoy the door-to-door service to prevent the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, Tianjin has introduced a lot of convenient service initiatives. The reporter learned from the Municipal Disease Control Center on December 5 that Tianjin has set up a mobile vaccination team. If the old people in the age of 60, if you want to vaccinate new crown pneumonia vaccines, the inoculation team can provide on-site service.

  Zhang Ying, deputy director of the Municipal Disease Control Center, said that if the elderly in the age of 60, if it is not convenient to go out or operate, there is a need to provide new crown pneumonia vaccination services, and you can contact the staff of the community and neighborhood committee. Personnel communication makes an appointment, according to the time, point, and send the mobile vaccination team on the door to vaccinate.

"Everyone can rest assured that medical personnel who provide vaccination services have been vaccinated with new crown pneumonia vaccines, and do not engage in other new crown pneumonia prevention and control work, do not go to the isolation point, do not go to the fixed hospital, they are very safe." "Elderly need Add a protective barrier while doing your personal protection.

"Zhang Ying said," Foreign foreign countries have limited vaccination due to new coronal pneumonia, there is no way to vaccinate, so the first recommended in Europe and the United States is 60 years old, reducing severe and mortality, then gradually transitioning to key industries, 18 years old to 59 years old, young people, and finally children vaccinated. Due to the very sufficient vaccine, our country can guarantee that each person is vaccinated with new crown pneumonia vaccine, so it is synchronous to inoculate, and everyone has not felt that it is recommended to recommend which group is inoculated.

According to Zhang Ying, the new coronal pneumonia vaccine is high, so the inoculation contraindication is very small, but there are three situations for the elderly to suspend inoculation, and there is an absolute case that cannot be vaccinated.

The first suspension situation is now in the treatment of disease, and is being treated with fever, cough, and cold. The second suspension situation, patients with chronic basic diseases change, such as hypertension, nearly sudden blood pressure increases, and needs to be vaccinated when blood pressure is restored to routine drug. The third suspension situation, if it is necessary to make surgery, it should be suspended. After the condition is stable, then inoculate. A lot of sensitivity, some people eat some kind of allergy, some people are cold and hot stimulating allergies, or allergic to pollen, these do not affect the vaccination of neoguan pneumonia vaccines, but the previous vaccination has an allergic or severely reacted person absolutely cannot inoculate New crown pneumonia vaccine, this is also absolute contraindication.

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