The Corps entered the main construction phase of the largest monomer water conservancy project

On November 22, with the final car, the national "13th Five-Year Plan" major water conservancy project, Xinjiang Kuitun River Water Suspension Project General Guideline Temple Holiday Temple Hub, the guide hole is smooth to achieve overcurrent – this mark The largest monomer water conservancy project in the Corps entered the main construction stage.

At 12 o’clock on the same day, the guide (intercept) flow officially started.

The reporter saw at the scene that the excavator opened the dam shoulder stone, and the large-scale transport vehicle fills the full-loaded stone into the Laugui River, the dragon has gradually narrowed. After 30 minutes, the rushing Kuitun River is shocked by the head, and the passage of the drain, through the guilty hole all the way to the downstream – Kuitun River Water Suspension Project Successfully Guide (Interpretation) Flow, for the next main project The comprehensive construction has laid a solid foundation.

Xinjiang Kuitun River Water Water Project is the largest monomeric water conservancy project built by the Corps.

In June 2020, Xinjiang Kuitun River Water Water Project was fully implemented, the project was mainly used by water supply, irrigation, and integrated with flood control, power generation.

The project construction period is 56 months, and the total investment billion yuan.

The Population of the Kuitun River Basin is intensive, the industrial concentration, convenient transportation, and the economy is relatively developed. However, the original water-water project has been built early, the standard is low, the water water repair is built in Hanoi, affected by geological disasters such as floods and mudslides, landslides, mountain collapses, often leads to water-proof engineering. Building a Kuitun River water-water project can fundamentally relieve the threat of natural disasters such as the collapse of the mountain collapse, flood, mudslide, and sedimentation, and improve the guarantee rate of water supply and water production in the downstream, guarantee the seven divisions, Usuku, Kuitun City, the city’s city life, greening, industrial and nearly 2 million mu of farm irrigation water in Karamay City, and has important practical significance to promote the economic development of "three places" regional economy.