US non-manufacturing continues to shrink in May

  Xinhua News Agency, June 3 (Reporter Xu Yao) The data released by the US Supply Management Society (ISM) 3rd shows that the US Non-Manufacturing Procurement Manager Index (PMI) has risen by the US Non-Manufacturing Procurement Manager in May Point, but it is still lower than the gloomline, showing that most service related industries continue to shrink.

  From the perspective indicator, the commercial activity index increased significantly from 15 to 41 in May, and the new order index rose from 9 to 5.

At the same time, the price index is from the micrising point to the point. However, in May, the employment index only rises only to the point, still in the historical low. The data released by the US Automatic Data Processing Company announced that the service department in May, the service department cuts a total of employment positions, which showing that the epidemic is particularly serious. Anthony Nagas, chairman of the ISM Non-Manufacturing Survey Committee, believes that non-manufacturing companies are still worried about the persistence of the epidemic, many interviewed companies hope or plan to resume business.

  ISM previously announced data show that the US non-manufacturing PMI is point in April, which has fallen to 50 points since December 2009. Non-manufacturing PMI is 50 points as a watershed, which is more than 50 points. It means that the industry is expanded, and it is less than 50 points to represent the industry atrophy or even decline.

  The epidemic is huge for US economic impact. The US Department of Commerce shows that the US economy fell 5% in the first quarter of this year. Among them, non-residential fixed assets investments reflecting corporate investment conditions have fallen by the previous quarter.

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