Russian media: Russia borrowed Dubai Air Show vigorously promoted new weapons

On November 17th, the Russian "Independent" website issued the article title "The Middle East Maximum Air Show in Dubai", the author is Dmitry Leov.

The full text is as follows: the fifth generation light fighter killing (CHECKMATE) prototype, MS-21-300 passenger, MS-21-300, M -28Ne and Card-52 attack helicopters, S-350 Warriors Air Defense Missile System, Orion The unmanned and drone group formation command system These are the main new products of Russia’s debut of the 2021 Dubai Air Show.

Propaganda activities from the Middle East countries supply a new group of Russian modern weapons in the UAE. In today’s military political situation, the Dubai Air Show has a key meaning against Russian military enterprises. This year, due to new crown epidemics, the Moscow Air Show held in Jurkovski did not become a window window showing Russian aviation industrial achievements.

There are very few foreign delegations. Therefore, in Dubai, it will be unpredictable: Russia value the Middle East market, and the first time to exhibit new single fighters overseas, they will discuss possible cooperation with regional countries. Dennis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade, pointed out, while Russia is still selling the latest S-350 Warriors system and Orion seat drones. The Southern Military Region Command Alexander Dwalnkov said that S-350 is in battle duty in Leningrad and Crimea.

The first camp consisting of 144 missiles from 12 sets of mobile launches has been delivered to Gachelina Air Temperature Training Center.