The Armed Police Anhui Corps Hefei Division Duty Sixth Square Summer Duty Summer

In mid-July, in a mountainous mountain, the armed police Anhui Corps Hefei detachment on duty, and the training is in full swing.

Under high temperature conditions, training is the test of the quality of the officers and soldiers’ battle will, but also the inspection of the troops under the harsh environment.Only from strict training can forge a hard military skills, Xia Jia’s three-pricing is to use high temperature climate, surrounding the mission to draw the jungle pursuit, mountain rushing, team tactics. Training.It is understood that the squadron is a separate office to hold the guards in the depths of the mountains in the depths of the mountains.

The root is hard and not lonely, and they are lonely and not lonely. They have never hondered ordinary positions. On the day of the day, year-old training is on duty, burning a magnificent youth, guarding the peace of the station.

Photo report.