Shijiazhuang: Check the "three basic" building effect on practical things to do

People Shijiazhuang, December 11 electricity "teaching costs down, and a little more than economic pressure; able to send their children to government support, standardize the management of the kindergarten, we parents more at ease." Small classes in kindergarten student Zhu Yumeng mother happy high Zhihong He said.

Xin Cheng grow up happy in kindergarten is new in Shijiazhuang City, inclusive of private kindergarten.

The newly created 30 inclusive private kindergarten is one of 100 practical construction activities in Shijiazhuang City, "three bases" (grassroots organizations, foundation work, basic skills), Shijiazhuang City, the actual completion of 70, exceeding the target task 133%. After Xin Cheng grow up happy in kindergarten was included in the inclusive private kindergartens in government subsidies, lower teaching costs, improve park facilities.

In Shijiazhuang City Board of Education under the co-ordination and city-run park knot three juvenile improved to help, teachers qualities and abilities.

From what people care about to start, start from the people satisfied with things.

Solve the people problems trouble worry hope is not only the ability to test services to protect people’s requirements, but also the most direct expression of grassroots organizations fighting.

This year, Hebei party organizations at all levels to the grassroots organization, foundation work, the "three basic" building basic capabilities as the starting point, to carry out construction activities "three bases." Shijiazhuang City, at all levels "three basic" building as the goal, adhere to the line pressure duty, to focus people’s livelihood, inclined to the grassroots, to ask effective implementation of "four-way linkage" mechanism, focusing masses trouble worry hope issues around education, health care, retirement housing, transportation travel, urban and rural environment and other key areas, the real, a hard trick to implement the 100 things. Gaocheng district in Shijiazhuang City, Lim built living quarters built in 2000. Lack of community fire-fighting facilities, monitoring facilities, there are many security risks, stair handrails residential buildings damaged, aging water supply and drainage networks and other issues causing distress to district residents. Under the impetus of 100 practical things, gaocheng district housing construction bureau invested about 750 million yuan, in full consultation with the wishes of the residents on the basis of the implementation of the district roofing, replace downspouts, exterior painting, updating water supply pipeline, additional pressure pump equipment and the transformation of outdoor fire hydrant, etc., still standing outside the party building wall drawing red and culturally relevant community painted map, leisure venues in the original configuration of the fitness equipment, so that district a new look, a substantial increase in residents’ happiness index. To ensure the 100 things in place, starting from Shijiazhuang City, establish and improve the leadership system mechanisms to progressively clear job responsibilities in a timely manner to the pressure transmission line. According to the city’s uniform requirements, and related units directly under the counties (cities, districts) were established and the appropriate lead agency Gongzuozhuanban 56, specific commitment to comprehensive coordination, job scheduling, organization and supervision of the implementation of assessment and other duties to ensure up and down through a catch in the end. Municipal Law Committee convened 20 member units launched micro-channel group, the establishment of accounting inventory, the implementation of the implementation of dedicated service. It has issued "the opinions of the construction activities," "to carry out the" three basic activities Responsibility List "in Shijiazhuang City," three basic "construction" and "special plan" "special assessment rules" and 17 municipal documents or supporting materials, achieve the mission objectives, responsible leadership, time frame for completion, mechanism for promoting acceptance criteria "five clear."

City adhere to a coordinated promotion group scheduling monthly, in batches responsibility to listen to the progress of specific projects unit, face to face briefings, on-site to solve the problem.

Since April, the advance will be held four times, batch scheduling responsible units 29, 53 to solve practical problems.

In accordance with the principles of unity and responsibility, guidance departments at all levels continue to increase investment in basic level, to ensure the full decentralization of financial resources.

Each lead department responsible units and strengthen communication and contact with counterparts of the higher actively strive for a higher financial support, resources and support, and promptly put down, make sure that the money grassroots work.

While upholding the grassroots first-line quality inspection, focused their attention on key projects judged the results to ensure that activities achieve solid results.

Around the city’s "three basic" building, especially the practical progress 100, City Office to implement the activities of municipal departments and counties (cities, districts) with a monthly check a bulletin, a quarterly ranking a pin number. To focus on counties (cities, districts) "three check three of the Three verifiable" (check organization, see record of meeting, scheduled to deploy to verify the case, check the project information, see the construction site, to verify the progress of work, check the file ledger, see acceptance procedures, verify the complete sales numbers), the city departments focus on verification of the "five are" (organized institutions, programs planned, scheduled deployment, there is a list of the ledger, there are examination and testing).

Has twice organized large field joint investigation and look for the outstanding problems in six aspects, 35, made 467-point reform matters, and in the city to promote the meeting to inform the people to do.

Referring to the practice of market making activities to do, the responsible units also actively strengthen supervision to ask efficiency, carry out various supervisory inspection 521, 735 to find all kinds of outstanding issues, supervise the letter issued more than 430 copies, more than 720 complete the rectification.

Up to now, Shijiazhuang City, has completed 100 practical projects 96, and the remaining four in an orderly way.

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