Selected national rural governance demonstration villages Town Hot Spring Town in these respects "hard core"

Yangcheng Evening News Full Media Reporter Zhang Hao Kaikui second batch of national rural governance demonstration villages and towns recently announced, 4 villages, Guangzhou 1 Town, selected (Jinglu Town, Huadu District, Huadu District, Dashi Street, Dashan Village, Dashi Street, Panyu District) Conghua Village, Shenghe Village, Shenghua District, Zhihua District, China.

From now on, Yangcheng Evening News today launched "rural governance to see the grassroots" column, decoding its rural governance password.

The list of the second batch of national rural governance demonstration villages recently announced that the list of hot spring town in the chemical area has become the only national rural governance demonstration township in Guangzhou. The hot spring town is located in the northeast of the central city of Jinghua District, and is located upstream of Juxi River.

The town area is square kilometers, and 22 administrative villages, 3 communities, and people living in people. The town has won the "China’s Best Tourism Resort" "China’s Green Famous Town" "Guangdong Tourism Town" and "Guangdong Ecological Demonstration Town" and other glorious titles.

Establishing the party building integrated linkage mechanism in promoting rural governance, the split towns broke the block segmentation, and the 16 Party Organizations in the Spa Scenic Area and the 11 Party Organizations around Nanping Jingxi Town Compose the CCPAC Scenic Scenic Area Commission and the CCP From the Jingnan Pingjing Town Committee, establish a joint linkage mechanism of the party building, consenscing all parties, regularly carrying out the joint party organization activities, formulate a working case system and supervision mechanism for two weeks, timely research, and the party building Integrated linkage is strongly promoted the optimization improvement in the hot spring area, and the national renovation demonstration site construction is equal.

Wumbo Town implemented the "First Secretary Zone" project, in the village, key village, etc. in the distant town, the first secretary, etc. In the village (community) cadres carry out the gang belt activity, promoting the overall quality of the grassroots cadres. At the same time, hot spring towns play the role of party members, establish "visiting public opinion, gathering people" working mechanism. Wem Spring Town has established party members and cadres and customs service villagers’ messencing management models and towns, villages (community) cadres, social cadres and rural (community) party membership package households (residential) people’s network gergrated management model, Close to contact the masses, see party members and cadres. Organize party members and cadres to carry out access to household activities, completely find out the people’s appeal, and form a resident contact issue. Since 2020, 148 questions have been collected, 141, and%.

Create "724" group anti-government new model Hot Spring Town extensively launched the masses to participate in rural governance, build a new model of "724", with the human edge, geofeng, and fun, the pioneer team, "Red Sleeve" Chapter "Cooperative," Connected "service team," Ping An "," Sunset "Mediation Team," Sin "civilized team," Xiangyang Hua "propaganda team 7 group anti-guanzhi team, creating a root The first-line social security, the neighboring patrol, the contradiction dispute mediation, the safeguard propagandist, promoted the policy in the first line, the situation is in the first-line, the contradiction is resolved in the first-line, the problem is dealing with the party building leading the rural residents Governance power system.

The town is connected to the line, and the "fingertips defense" action is launched online. Governance platform, and establish a "grid" linkage service mass mechanism, "closed-loop" rapid response handling mechanism, "diversified" to govern the coordination mechanism, fully respect the main status of the villagers, through the grassroots, and The lower system governance cooperates to fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of villagers.

Promoting the development of grassroots legal services to improve the capacity of the villagers according to law, and the Town of Hot Springs has established 25 Democratic Laws’ Affairs Hall, which is strictly in accordance with the "four discussion" procedures, and implements "democratic deliberation, one thing". Playing a good volunteering (community) a legal counseling force, earnestly listening to legal advisers and advice before the major affairs decision-making, and earnestly do decision-making according to law. According to statistics, since this year, the village legal counsel has provided 194 legal consultants for the villagers, and there were 53 conflict disputes to mediation.

In addition, Hot Spring Town also establishes the network system of the people’s mediation, strengthening people’s mediation and judicial mediation, administrative mediation linkage, and focusing on building mediation, arbitration, administrative ruling, administrative reconsideration, litigation and other organic cohesions, mutual coordination Realize the "contradictions can not yet the village, the problem is not over".