Shen Liu Xing: Daily Party Fee 97-year-old Party Member

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If there is no response for a long time, please brush this page Original title: 97-year-old party member’s large party fee October 23, Xinxiang Municipal Committee organizes a special guest – 97-year-old old party member Shen Xixing. He sat in a wheelchair, accompanied by his son, will handed his own 150,000 yuan of passbook and 2000 yuan in cash, together with a voluntary party fee to the Standing Committee of the Xinxiang Municipal Committee, and the Minister of Organization Zhang Tao.

In this 10,000 yuan party fees, 150,000 yuan is his many years of savings. The 2000 yuan is the condolences given to him on the eve of the National Day, the New Township City.

  Because the old man’s hearing is poor, everyone can only communicate with him by writing a note.

Seeing that everyone is curious, why should he give so much savings to the organization, Shen Sixxing is strongly said: "Next year, our country should build a well-off society in an all-round way. In this critical moment, I am willing to do our best to support the national construction, Support the people in poor areas, this is the obligation of me as party members! "" The masses saved my life, I should do things for the masses, "I will put it a lot of fire, the age of smoke, the old man, Shen Liu Xing Memory is still fresh.

He said: "There are 5 people who have entered the party with me, and others have passed away. The comrades of the year were sacrificed.

If the masses are reported, I may not be in the world. "So, one of the words he often said is:" The masses saved my life, I should do things for the masses, and I have a bitter.

"In 1922, Shen Sixxing was born in Xingjiayu Village, Yao Village, Yao Village, Lin County. In 1938, he was secretly developed as a member of the Communist Party of China, in order to cover the party’s underground work for 8 years. He actively The majesty of the Taihang Mountain Area, in the hardship struggle, witnessed the sad scene of the comrades, deeply felt the kindness of the people "for the revolutionary cost", and the vows of the "Yongjian Times Pioneer, Yong for the People" In my heart.

In 1947, he accepted the organization to send it to Xinxiang County.

After the founding of New China, he has served as a deputy secretary of the county magistrate of Mengxian People’s Government, the Second Light Industry Bureau of Xinxiang Region, etc.

  After 1983, Shen Sixxing enjoys the treasured cadres. He was originally enjoyed in the city, but he was very attacked in the hometown of poor.

He often rides a bicycle to ran more than 100 kilometers to go home to poverty. The village people engage in breeding, he takes money; the students are difficult to go to school, he pays for money; the road to repair the road, he takes the lead in donating money … Rough statistics . Until now, he is also funding 5 college students.

In 2004, Shen Sixxing was rated as "Advanced Personnel of National Levity Cadres" by China.

  Soluk 14 years, the ridiculous mountain became a flower mountain, the million assets donated the collective in 1998, Xing Jiayu Village began to mobilize the villagers to contract the wilderness. At that time, this slope light bare in the south of Taihang Mountain.

Many hillsides around are contracted, and this slope is not asking for no water source. "Then I am contracting." 76-year-old Shen Xing took the initiative to cover this wild mountain. With the support of the wife and the children, Shen Sixxing puts his own funds and energy on this wild mountain. He moved on the wilderness of his own contract, living in the shack, eating dry food, digging mountain seedlings, and the wind meal, starting more than ten years of land reclamation life.

It takes a lot of funds from the unfair ridiculous mountain. These money from Shen Liuxing’s personal savings, and he invests all 5,000 yuan per month to open the wild tree.

  Shen Liu Xing has been going to the mountain every day, it will go home to go home at night, and only eat two meals a day.

A few years later, on this original light bald rushing hillside, Shen Sixxing took 2600 peat with more than 300 peach, apricot trees, plum trees, pomegranate trees, 6,000 pepper trees, 4000 Multiple materials trees.

If you sell harvested fruits, you can sell 20,000 yuan a year, more than one to sell five or six thousand yuan, but Shen Sixxing never sells, all free of charge to the nearby villagers.

  "The surrounding villagers know that I am driving the veins, planting fruit trees, I originally not making a fortune.

"Shen Xing said," My picture is to do something for the folks.

"In 2012, due to the graduality of the year, Shen Sixxing resolutely donated this one of the people who spent 14 years of blood, donated more than 1 million yuan of forest fruit to Xing Jiayu Village collective. 81 years old does not change, 97-year-old youth is still The revolutionary will always be young! Today, Shen Yuxing, "Age Ninety-seventh, Party Age", although the ear is a bit back, the leg feet are not very profitable, but still spiritual. He likes to watch "News Network" and also like to read "Xi Jinping Taoism Talks", "Xi Jinping New Times, China Characteristic Socialist Thoughts" It is also a precious spiritual wealth.

Zhang Guowei, secretary of the Xinxiang Municipal Party Committee, said that in the city, "I don’t forget the initiative, remember the mission" theme education in the city, we must vigorously promote this spirit of unforgettable, selfless dedication, let the red gene, revolutionary spirit of the generation .

  On October 28, the CPC New Township Municipal Party Committee decided to grant the title of Comrade Shen Liu Xing’s "Excellent Communist Party", and launched the parties to Shen Xing, all the party organizations and the party members and cadres at all levels, and call on party organizations and party organizations at all levels in the city. The majority of party members and cadres carry out an important part of the theme education of Shen Liuxing Comrade Learning activities as the theme education of "I don’t forget the initiative, keep in mind the mission".

  News 1 + 1 The Shen Sixxing Colleagues in their eyes Feng Navy: An unforgettable conduction experience in the original new countryside region, the staff of the second light industry, Feng Hajun, said to the reporter, a thing that is unforgettable.

One day 20 years ago, I returned to the Shen Xing, who returned to Linxian homes, and took the car to the unit, and applied to the unit.

The Feng Navy as a driver was very clear, this is a bus after Shen Sixxing after retirement.

At that time, the old cadres had a car policy, but the Shen Sixxing "is not willing to add trouble to the organization", never used this "privilege". Usually, the elderly are cycling. This time, it is really not moving these tools. Near noon, the two found a restaurant to prepare for eating, Shen Sixxing only a bowl. Feng Navy is a bit surprised: two people in a bowl? How to eat this? Shen Sixxing said to him: "This is to eat, I will take a dry food, and I will take some soup." "Shen Lao’s age caught my grandfather. This is, I can eat it?" But finally The old man, Feng Navy still ate the bowl, "I still remember the taste of the bowl now." Shen Dong said to me, Xiao Feng, you don’t know, save a bowl of noodles, enough to give several students Buy a homework. "Feng Navy said.

  When I left, Shen Sixxing insisted that it would give him a fare, which made Feng Haijun have been surprised again: "I am also a communist party member, and thinking that it is still more stringent for yourself.

But with the age of Shen, I think I am very small. He is a mountain in front of me, a monument, a monument that cannot be transcended! "Son Shen Jianjun: We have obtained from your father, the spiritual wealth is due to the inconvenience of the leg, and now, Shen Xing is needed to sit on the wheelchair. As the long-term Shen Jianjun is the longest time.

Speaking of his father’s usual life, he feels a lot.

  Shen Sixxing made a generous to the villagers, but he treated himself and the children very "门".

Shen Yuxing from the mountainous area, develops a habit of life savings and water-saving.

So far, every time, he must let the family give him a bowl of hot water, let the water drink the water.

He said: "This is neither a plate of food, saving a brush bowl.

"Before the year, Shen Yuxing lived in Xing Jiazi village, staying in the low-rise hub house built in the 1950s.

In order to save money, he is lighting for a 8-watt energy-saving lamp; in order to save the coal ball, he went to the mountain to cook. The village cadres grate on his selfless dedication in the village, sent people to send furnaces and coal balls for him, but they were ascended by him. His little son Shen Jianliang did the end of the unit due to the difference in the unit, and wanted to let his father support a business, but was rejected by Shen Liuxing. Shen Jianliang finally walked out of his efforts. In 2017, Shen Sixxing made his son accompanied him to the Red Cross to sign a paper agreement.

He said that he wants to donate his body after death, and continue to contribute to social work. "Someone asked me, what is the father? I am telling the old truth, this is really not!" Shen Jianjun said that the father’s character is known to know, arrange the work, the trustee walks the back door. This kind of thing has never happened. "We are mainly spiritual wealth from your father, one is self-reliant, hard struggle, and then one is to never forget the true color of the working people." Li Hu became Yuan Nan.