Shanghai in "Grab the War" is better than anything else?

  Half Monthly Talkingant Zhou Lin Guo Jingdan Dong Xue’s hot play list, there are several entry involved in Shanghai to pay attention. There is Fudan Learning Bacter’s "1424 times a year"; there is a distance of the play laughter to draw a tradition of traditional culture and young people; 72 years old "Wu Yiren science to teach you" physics That is to play, "There is a 95-year-old female, Ye Shuhua encourages women to break the glass ceiling … Shanghai is more exciting because of talents, talents are more exciting by Shanghai.

Recently, the "talents" issues continue to be high in Shanghai, and a city uses any attractive attractive to talent to talents. It is an important proposition that the host thinks. To this end, Shanghai announced the new government of talents, released strongly surprised talents: Any Shanghai, a graduate graduate graduate, who is employed in Shanghai, "five new citys" (Jiading, Qingpu, Songjiang, Fengxian, Nanhui) and the sales area of ??China Don’t "score", you can settle directly in line with basic conditions. Open policy refraction city’s desire to talents, and echoing with struggles: Let more thousands of miles of horses and pentium, is the two-way talents and the city. At the moment, the "grabbing battle battle" of the young talents across the country was in full swing. The desire of the city’s talents cannot stay in "grabbing", but should be a "robbing" environment.

Shanghai is a talented highland in Shanghai, which has been tireless to talents.

Since the recent release of more than 14,000 jobs "Sypering Post", in recent years, the "Talent 30" "Talents 30", various talents, and the professional program, the talent, and the talents have always been "When you are working".

  Relying on a good system supply, establish a long-awaited talent ecology, is the persistence of Shanghai. In order to absorb more strategic scientists, in October this year, Shanghai’s first "basic research special zone", to create a "small environment" for research talents who are interested in leading research, and give scientific research institutions full reform exploration space, encourage project selection, implementation methods , Bold innovation in terms of funding and evaluation criteria. This is not the first series of regulations such as the first time in Shanghai for the first time, "Shanghai Promoting the Science and Technology Innovation Center Construction Ordinance", the system is expressed, Shanghai will consolidate the innovation achievements of the scientific and technological system of prospective exploration, To unclear the finest rope for scientific research, give the sunshine rain, boost growth.

  Do not stop, show the more and more clear goals: enhance the attractiveness of urban to talents with continuous optimized talent ecological environment systems.

  This is a proactive. Platform, Shanghai assumes a number of national strategic tasks, gathering high-level research universities, research institutes, scientific and technological leaders, also have a major exhibition such as the World Top Scientist Forum; spelling, in urban governance, public service Soft power such as cultural ecology continues to whole – scale, building a people city of Yiqi Ying. Do not consolde the gold, do not consold the golden, in many people’s eyes, Shanghai’s appeal is to help you quickly root, develop environment and services, and give innovative entrepreneurs need time and space, in Shanghai for professional Fully trust, than Zhang Wenhong said, the city "does not bully honest people". Ask the feelings of Shanghai, some people describe this: "She can understand what we are doing.

"This is also echoing the goals of Shanghai: Let talents can find someone who is going to speak. Love is two directions, and the combination of talents and cities must also have all kinds of tests.

Respect each other, with each other, all into each other, can meet each other. In Shanghai, all kinds of talents stretched, and they live comfortably, and Shanghai is also because they are more exciting.

Talents and cities will go to the city, will cultivate better talents, but will also make more energetic and attractive cities and future.