Set up "Connected Bridge" smooth "public opinion"

Changchun City Mayor public telephone acceptance in the hall to answer the people calls. People’s Network Wang Haiyue photo "We are 24 hours, 365 days is not offline, the artificial seat increases from three to 40, that is Said, "The people’s interests are not small, and they are too life and property safety. Small to life disputes, as long as the masses call to find the government, we will try to do everything for the people.

"According to reports, in 2019, Changchun Mayor publicly opened four foreign language services in English, Japanese, Korean, Russian." Even foreigners, as long as there is a problem in Changchun life, work, etc., you can come to us. .

"Su Zi Li said. A solemn promise, a person who is a people’s livelihood is to protect the masses. On March 1 this year, Changchun Mayor publicly received the" National Women’s Civilization " Title; on the eve of July 1, Changchun Mayor Public Workshop Office was awarded the title of "National Advanced Grassroots Party Organization".

For twenty-two years, the first day, let Changchun Mayor publicly publicly won more than 60 national and provincial and municipal levels of honorary awards.

"Take the party to build the business to promote party building". "Initially, all calls must be registered, distributed, reviewed, and the service capabilities cannot be compared to the present.

"Su Zi Li said," Under the leadership of the party branch, the staff here continues to improve the service awareness, and strive for every call to achieve good service, the business is fine, and the reaction is fast. With the development of the times, how to improve service capabilities, let more people more problems have effectively solved the problem of Changchun Mayor public call office.

"Available Channels" becomes the best answer to this problem. "Opening the teachion e-mail box in 2000, launching the online traffic system in 2003, opened the official website in 2004, opened online SMS acceptance platform in 2005 …" Talking about Changchun City Mayor Public Telephone Office Step by Step by Step by Step, Su Zi Peil Emptyness. From nothing, from a single to multi-divers, the "Connected Bridge" between the government and the masses is, the wider, and the more it is more and more. The passive is active, and the changes are managed.

In 2010, the Changchun Mayor Public Workshop has launched a monthly "Director Reception Day" and the "Read Report Reading Network", and solves the new mechanism.

In the past 11 years, through the "Director’s Reception Day", more than 30,000 pieces have been solved. Through the media platform such as "Leading Message Board" and other media platforms such as People’s Network, there are more than 10,000 people. "’Leading Message Board’ This online mass work platform allows the masses to reflect the problem, it is very convenient.

In particular, during the epidemic, this way to do things on the Internet not only help to reduce the risk of viral dissemination, but also play a timely response to the voices of the masses, providing a decision-making reference for the relevant departments.

"Su Zi Li said," "To take advantage of the online mass line, you must use this platform. In order to give full play to the "leader of the message board", the General Office of the Changchun Municipal People’s Government has issued the "Notice of the Implementation Measures for Reading the People’s Government Office of Changchun City (Trial)" "The General Office of the People’s Government of Changchun" Net "Notice of Net Distribution Work". The masses have grided the net, and the public opinion has been on the Internet.

It is understood that Changchun Mayor publicly appointed the online people’s livelihood work, and the issue of the people’s network users will be signed by a responsible unit.

"We are regularly summarized the problem on ‘leadership message board’, according to netizens reflecting the centralized area and multi-node, comprehensive system analysis, and make trend predictions, providing effective public opinion information for the municipal party committees, which is effective While social governance is, it has strongly enhanced social integrated management efficiency.

Su Zi Li said. Changchun Mayor Public Workshop Office passed the "Third Party Social Institution" "Sampling Survey" "System Online Survey" "System Online Survey", put the problem in "Sunshine Supervision", Better and more efficiently improve the quality of issues.

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