Strengthen the new media language and text specification management resolutely suppress the dissemination of network language

"The Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on the comprehensive strengthening of the new era language" points out to strengthen the new media language and text standard management resolutely suppress the murderous violent network language spread "the Central People’s Government of the People’s Republic of China" "Office of the State Council Office on" The Opinions of New Times Language Word Work.

Among them, strengthening the norms and management of various new media language characters such as the Internet, resolutely suppressing the network language of network language, building a health and civilized network language environment, etc. is well received by the industry and society.

"Opinions" include overall requirements, unwavering promoting the general language text, accelerating the construction of language and text, and effectively enhance national language service capabilities, and actively promote the development of China’s outstanding language culture, and vigorously enhance Chinese international status and influence. Strengthen 7 parts of organizational protection.

"Opinions" requires the ability to enhance national language text application capabilities. Schools, institutions, news publishing, broadcasting, network information, public services and other systems related practitioners, national general language literal levels should meet the standards specified in the state.

"Opinions" emphasized to strengthen the standardization construction of language and text.

Increase industry system language and text standardization construction, strengthen school, institution, news publishing, broadcast film, network information, public service, etc. field supervision and inspection. Incorporate language and text standardization requirements into industry management, urban and rural management and civilized cities, civilized villages, civilized units, civilized campuses create content.

Strengthen the monitoring research and standardization of new words, letters, foreign language words, etc. Strengthen language civilization education, strengthen the norms and management of all kinds of new media language texts such as Internet, resolutely suppress the network language environment of network language, and build a health and civilization network. "Opinions" pointed out that promoting the innovation of language and literary information technology.

Play language and literary information technology in national informationization, intelligent construction of basic support, enhance language and text information processing capabilities, and promote media application of language text.

Vigorously promote the depth integration of information technology such as language and artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, strengthen key issues such as natural language processing in artificial intelligence environment, strengthen language technology, transformation and promotion, support digital economic development . Strengthen the construction of language and text informationization platforms, build a global Chinese learning platform, provide quality learning resources and information service resources. "Opinions" requirements, expand language and text international exchange cooperation.

Expanding bilateral and multilateral language policies and language and cultural exchange cooperation. Promote China’s classic reading overseas spread to create an exchange brand. Establish policies and planning exchange mechanisms with key national language and literary work organizations. "Opinions" pointed out that consolidating the rule of law of language and text. Implement national general language text. Promote the improvement of the language and literary legal system, and formulate the relevant supporting regulations.

Strengthen management in accordance with the law to ensure that national general language characters are used as the official language of the organ, as a basic language of the school, news publishing, radio and television, and public services.

(Reporter Chen Miairan).