Shanxi Province urban and rural residents basic medical insurance financing standards improve

  Original title: The basic medical insurance financing standard for urban and rural residents in our province will then improve the personal payment standard to mention 320 yuan per person. On August 14, the Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau issued a news. In 2021, the province’s urban and rural residents’ basic medical insurance per capita financial subsidy standards increased by 30 yuan , Reaching 580 yuan per person. In 2021, the personal payment standard for pre-receiving 2022 was increased by 40 yuan, reaching 320 yuan per person. "Notice" clearly, further release of household registration restrictions on participating in residents, and participating in local residents, the financial resources will subsidize all levels to the same standards as local residents. Municipalities must do a good job in the list of medical insurance treatment, strictly implement basic medical security payment scope and standards. Further consolidation of stable hospitalization treatment level, the fund payment ratio is stable in the policy range of about 75%. Fully implement the unified general outpatient policy and outpatient chronic diseases and admission standards in the province, and do a good job in the treatment. Comprehensive implementation of high blood pressure, diabetes outpatient drug protection and health management special action plan. At the same time, we must consolidate medical insurance and deformed campaign, improve the comprehensive security policy of basic medical insurance, major illness insurance and medical assistance, and the implementation of various types of medical insurance for the implementation of poverty poverty population.

Establishing a definition of the disease-returned poor poor mechanism, and do a good job of high-cost burden on the disease, the disease returned to the poor, in time, the eligible personnel will be included in the scope of medical assistance, and the medical assistance policy shall be implemented.

  In addition, strengthen medical insurance public management services, improve outpatient costs cross the provincial direct settlement service.

Adhere to traditional service methods and intelligent services to innovate, improve the level of aging, optimize online service model, better provide fair, convenient, and warm and comfortable medical security services to the people.

(Liu Tao, Wei Wei).