Qian Zhuangfei: In the fight against the enemy, there is a great achievement of Feng Gong (Struggle, the new journey of the new journey · Number of people)

Qian Zhuangfei was elected in 2009 "100 hero model character for the establishment of new China".

Qian Zhuangfei, born in 1896, Zhejiang Huzhou people. In 1915, he was admitted to Beijing Medical School. After graduating from 1919, he worked in Beijing’s Beijing Railway Hospital.

In 1926, he joined the Communist Party of China. After the failure of the 1927 revolution, the party organization under the leadership of the Northern District Committee of the Communist Party of China was severely damaged. Qian Zhuangfei was organized and transferred to Shanghai in early 1928. In the same year, I entered the Shanghai Radio Management Office affiliated to the Kuomintang Government Construction Committee. At the end of 1929, the money was in accordance with the party’s instructions, and he has entered the Party Branch of the Ministry of Central Committee of the Kuomintang Central Committee. At the same time, the central government decided that Li Ke farmers, Qian Zhuangfei, and Huade, who were entered into the enemy, and Li Ke farmers, the leader of Li Ke, was responsible for the Central Specialist Information. The three of them fight in the enemy’s heart, known as the famous "Longtan San Jie" in our party intelligence front.

Three people cooperated to obtain a lot of important intelligence of the Kuomintang reactionary group.

In 1930, in February 1931, Qian Zhuangfei will launch the Kuomintang Chiang Kai-shek to the revolutionary basis, the second "encirclement" order, and the corresponding military deployment, etc. Decision, break the enemy "encirclement and suppression", play an important role. On the evening of April 25, 1931, the money on duty is a strong flying to Wuhan sent a special secret secret, six, and he was intermittently detachable.

It turned out that Gu Shunzhang, who was responsible for the security of the Communist Party of China, was arrested in Wuhan, and it is necessary to offer in Shanghai’s CPC confidentiality in Shanghai.

On the occasion of the thousands of hair, Qian Zhuangfei regards the situation to the Party Central Committee in a timely manner.

Under the command of Qian Zhuangfei, under the command of Zhou Enlai, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and the Communist International Far East Bureau were all transferred. Qian Zhuangfei has made significant contributions to defend the security of the CPC Central Organ.

Then the money and flooded into the central revolutionary base. He has served as the Secretary for the Political Security of the Central Revolutionary Military Commission and the Second Bureau of the General Staff Department. The long march is participated in October 1934.

After the Zunyi meeting, he was appointed as the deputy secretary general of the General Political Department of the Red Army. In April of the same year, sacrificed in the backhagou hometown of Jinsha County, Guizhou Province, 39 years old.

Qian Zhuangfei defends the security of the party, and writes a legend in the history of revolutionary history.

Zhou Enlai once said that Comrade Qian Zhengfei did the great achievements under the fight against the enemy, indeed made our party less, and the whole party will always commemorate him.