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  "If you are using the wine home, the shepherd boy refers to Xinghua Village." In the early summer, we came to the Xinghua Village under the Night Tang poet Du Mu, a Located in the famous Sushan Gate outside Jiangnan, Jiangnan. Apricot Apricot, which is more than a thousand years ago, it has now become a cultural tourist scenic spot.

Enter the area, a piece of onion, there is a green water, and a hundred flowers are full. Strolling on the stone lane with fragrant fragrant flowers, only listening to the ears, as if the people and things of the village are. Fortunately, the ancient Village Zhi "Apricot Huadao Zhi" is retained, so that we can pass the time, reciprocate the scene. In the past thirteen years, the 20-year-old Xinghua Village, the 20-year-old Xinghua Village, who has been loved to the native, and has built the 12th volume of "Xinghua Village Zhi", which is the "Xinghua Village", which is the income of Qianlong years. The entire book is the only village. As an outstanding local copyman, Lang Li recorded the history, play, construction, monument, character, poetry, etc. of Xinghua Village in detail, and describe the 12th view of Xinghua Village: Spring, Bai Pu Toi, Xixiang Smoky, Tea Field Wheat, Sanchao, Xiang Yun Song, Huanggong Wine, Iron Buddha Zen Forest, Zhaoming Academy, Du Du Fishery, Sang Dang Feng, Mei Chu Xiaoxue. Xinghua Village is not an ordinary rural field. At that time, the gathering of the national literati, known as the first poem of the world. "Xinghua Village Zhizhi" records, Du Mu "Qingming" poem, the literati of the past is coming, competing to visit the victorious visit, the poem, the song, the poetry, and even the husband and husband, and there is no song. According to legend, "Wanhu, Lian Village, Ten Miles, Hyun, Miyun, Winning View", people who come here are almost all over the country.

  Shili apricots, gorgeous, this situation allows the Yashimon ‘s best sentences.

"I have a long time to watch the Spring Festival, and I will go out of Guo. Apricot Flying as a rain, and the fillet is far away.

Where is the old trace, Dongfeng is warm.

The wine is still drunk and is relying on the moon. "The poetry of Cao Tianyou, Song Dynasty, wrote the scene of Xinghua Village at that time;" He Yeicheng is the heave, and the ten miles of Dongfeng.

The hills of the hills are good, and they are in late sunset.

"This poem in Ming Dynasty is description of the symposium to seek ancient view to Xinghua Village.

  At that time, the Xinghua Village Mountain is clear, the scenery is pleasant, the entire ecological and natural vegetation is intact. After a detailed investigation, Lang Xi also distributed the mountain situation and the ranking monuments of the mountains and the famous historical sites and placed in the head of the village. However, the years have changed, the vicissitudes of vicissitudes, and the history of the history of more than 300 years will also rush to fall.

In the new century, local decided to restore ancient village Shengjing. Nowadays, the builders of the Xinghua Village Cultural Tourism Area use a good landscape ecological foundation to recover and develop in the old site of Xinghua Village, actively cultivate "landscape farming, Jiangnan village, traditional folklore, Sheng Tang poetry" four major cultures, trying In the hustle and bustle of the modern urban atmosphere, the classical idyllic "of" One River Qiu Pu Water, Shili Huat Village, Baijiaxu, and Thousand Poets ". Walking in ancient and modern sights along the Virgin Village Scenic Area into the village, "Bai Pu Toishe" archway is reflected in the eye.

Bai Pu’s wind is one of the 12th scenic spots of Xinghua Village. The inscription on the archway is the collection of the big painter Tang Bohu hand book, the calligraphy is invisible, and it is free to look at the eyes. Bai Pu, ie, Puyu, a lake in front of the village.

It was originally built along the flat lakeside circle.

The water is in the water, and the reed is planted. Every summer, the lotus is fragrant; the autumn is a piece of white flowers, the profit is weak and weak, and the so-called "autumn wind is out of the stream, zero shore荻 花. "All the way, Tang tea village, is standing in the lake. The mant, tea pavilion, the tea artist is playing the Tang Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty. The tea exterior, a leaf old boat is angry, and the pair of ancient hospital is falling, the plaque is inscribed "tea Buddha!" The trace of tea, the Buddha’s law, the tea Buddha is a flavor, but also refers to the integration and development of food culture and religious culture, but also "unhappy desert, can also look forward to the Buddha’s mystery".

  There is a piece of building on the right tea mountain in the courtyard. The cult selection is also known as the literary selection, the original in the literary filial temple.

Wenxiao Temple is in Chizhou City West, is the Temple of Liang Zhaoming, Xiao Zhaogong, Dampass.

Years, Fengyu.

On the village of the village, the ancient times, the temple, the temple, the ancient wood ginseng, bamboo trees, Lin Jingbirds, traveler monks, cycles, unfortunately, it is now touched. Now, the reconstruction of the Xinghua Village is a symbol, rewriting a memory. Entering the liberation building, only the temple is located in the temple of the prince, but does not see "text". "Qiu Pu Tou over the liberation building, with Liang Shengtu in Chizhou.

Waiting for everything fails, can’t stay in the name of the name ", this is the best interpretation with the la carte. The village is in the middle of the village, Xiangqiao across the blunt, there are a lot of water mills now. It is a scenery in the village, turning it, it seems to tell the ancient stories that have happened in the village.

  There are also two parks in the village: Huangyuan, and Garden.

The Huangyuan is the residence of the Song Dynasty to Dafang Wenzhao to avoid the Yuan Dynasty and virgin Huaci Village. Langshi became a Xinghua Village, and his future generations were built on the waste of the hunter garden ruins. The Yuanyuan Word Park, "Xinghua Village Zhi" contained "Township Dan Shi Chen Yun Wose Reading Office.

"Now is a tourist tea, resting place … in the scenic spot, monument, today’s scenery, the breeze blows, the time is interlaced, we seem to return to those ancient years. Fishing boat sing late poem To the village North Dulu, only the hunch of the beach is covered with the fish boat on the Qiudu River. The Qiudu River originated from Shiitai County. It is the mother of Chizhou people. The whole length is 180 kilometers, flowing through the Apricot, 16 kilometers. Poetry Li Bai In the autumn pu, he left the "Seventeen Sutton", so the Qiudu River was also known as "the river flowing with poems". "Qiuhu is like autumn, this language is always forever. The lake is autumn, four mountains open the prostitute.

"The poems of Lang Zi summary the quietness of the Apricot Huaku Village on the surrounding Pool River.

Visiting the literati in the Apricot Village in the autumn river side. In the "Xinghua Village Zhizhi", it collected more than 1,000 poems from Tang Dynasty and poets, and the poems of the poetry village, accounting for 2/3 of the book components. The form of poetry is divided into seven words, five words, five words ancient poems, seven words ancient poems, five laws, seven laws, five words and disciplines, reflect the cultural characteristics of Chizhou "Thousand Poets". Since ancient times, poetry is always accompanied by wine, and the first poetry in the world is also. Apricot Huadu’s wine is because of an ancient well-Xiangquan well, and also known as Huang Gong Guangrun Yuquan, in the panorama of the Yellow Guanji. In the case of the spring, the quadrant is inexhaustible.

Next, Ming Dawei Yin Li Wei’s "Six-word Bank of the Spring Festival".

  In the west of Xiangquan, the Baiyang River came from the south, and the leisurely south of the bridge, straight to Dajiang … "Xiangquan Well in the Huang Yi, I love the Mide", nowaday, those who have put wine in the past What is the literati in the poetry? Introduction to the audio area, the future Xinghua Village will reproduce the "Wine Motry" recorded in the "Xinghua Village Zhi", situated in the red apricots, bamboo fence, the lake, the jellyfish, the wine flag is tall, hunting life , No drunk "scene.

  Near the thin, Xinghua Village, the smoke, the fishing fire on the autumn, the year, and the time carved in the village, and the ancient scene of ancient scene has become a phantom.

But the empty rain, the onion, the fragrant apricot flowers, and the poetic in the air, still warm our wandering, recover the impetuous eyes, turn on to meet with your own heart. .

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