Two-strait movie people: I hope that the epidemic has ended soon, and continues to deepen exchange cooperation.

  Xinhua News Agency, September 5 (Reporter Jiang Tingting, Chen Junxing) The China Film Foundation and the 12th Board Film Exhibition jointly held by the Taiwan Branch Film Exchange Commission. In addition to Beijing and Taipei, the 5-day video connection is arranged on the topic of "post-old movie movie new trend", and the two-strait filmmaker exchanges on the influence of the movie industry, and looks forward to the early days. At the end, the two-strait movie exchange cooperation can continue to deepen.

  The Taipei venue includes: Taiwan Director Zhang Rongji, senior film supervision Ye Rufen, the city’s senior public relations manager Li Guangjue, the mainland director Yan Jun participated in the discussion in video connection.

Four movie people believe that the epidemic is both challenges and opportunities, and the movie people should constantly adjust to address new trends.

  July, July, Zhang Rongji, who was filmed in the previous film, said that the epidemic made himself slow, but also focused on the story itself.

  Ye Riben, who was walking on both sides of the film circle, said that the epidemic inevitably affects the progress, but the filmmaker must face the reality and actively adjust.

  Li Guangjue frankly, the epidemic caused a small impact on the Taiwan film industry.

In the previous year, the annual film box office income was between 10 billion yuan to 11 billion yuan, and the waist was louder last year. This year’s epidemic situation is more severe, the theater is not open for two months, and the revenue is adding snow. Affected by the epidemic, the field communication of the two-strait movie people had to press "Pause Key". In this regard, Yan Jun said that it is very expected to bring a movie master to Taiwan after the end of the epidemic, and share it with Taiwan audience. He also thought that after the end of the screen, "I went to Ximei-cho to stand and eat a bowl of Azong," Ye Rufen said that the epidemic situation has no damage to the two-strait movie people’s love, will be one of the founders of the two-strait film exhibition The director is an example, lifting responsibility, promoting cross-strait exchanges, and continues to make more and better movies, and hope to support the audience.

  It is reported that the mainland film "of the" Northeast Tiger "," Northeast Tiger "," Northeast Tiger "," Northeast Tiger "," Nai Liang "," Just a chance to travel "and two-strait cooperation," 掬 月 月 手 "; Taiwan movies in Beijing include "the short half" "Second Half" "Silent" "Hearing Taiwan" and Li Xing’s 1st Works "Autumn Deal".

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