Tongxin County: More than 80,000 labor, "gold" 1 billion yuan

"This year, our ‘hardcore crops’ also won the harvest.

"On August 12th, Magui Yun, director of Tongxin County Entrepreneration and Talent Service Center, told reporters that the county went out to work 83420 in the migrant workers in the migrant workers, realizing labor services. This year, crop harvest has been affected by different degrees of drought, Let the income of the masses have more stable, in-depth promotion of "Million Immigrants to Enhance the Enhancement Action" "Urban and Rural Residents’ Income Improvement Action", through strengthening labor collaboration, labor docking, special job assistance, etc. The employment unit is docked, and the rural labor force is organized to go out to settle the ticket.

The labor agent has given a reward subsidy for the labor agent to give 20,000 yuan to 200,000 yuan, give 200 yuan and 800 yuan traffic subsidy in the area and 800 yuan in the district, and the establishment of a poverty Households, labor cooperation, 3 months, 5 months, give 1500 yuan transportation subsidies, and the $ 6 months or more of the stable employment will not exceed 6 months, and 1,000 yuan per month. Since August, Tongxin County Labor Brokers, Ma Wei, has organized nearly 200 people workers, batch to the Dallakha City of Qinghai and the Dalat flag of Ordos City, Inner Mongolia. "Now go to Qinghai Province to pick up, the time is just about 50 days, the per capita can earn 7,000 yuan." Ma Weichi said that every year he organizes the Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, etc. .

Yang Pinghua passed the training of child career skills training, and the first single baby business monthly salary reached 4,000 yuan. With a skill, let Yang Pinghua realize the life of "reverse", annual income reached 100,000 yuan, and became a "gold medal" of many people. Now, after the experience, she founded a month, led more than 10 sisters to fight together.

The 27-year-old Ma Lingzhong went to Fujian Province Jinjiang Xingzipan Technology Co., Ltd. long-term migrant workers, monthly salary of 6,000 yuan.

"It is now stable, and the income is guaranteed, and the development also has space." Because it is trivated, this year Ma Ling was promoted by the company as the production team. "Our county rural labor force outgoing, showing the transfer of the southeast coast of the northwest, transforming from physical strength to skills, and transition from short-term migratory migrant workers to long-term stable employment.

Maji Yun said that the county’s rural labor forces in Putian City, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Fujian Province, have more than 60,000 yuan. (Reporter Ma Zhaogang intern Yang Amin) (Editor: 梦 婕, tolement) Share let more people see the recommended reading.