The Medical Reform Leading Group of the State Council requires further promotion of Sanming Medical Reform Experience

[] In order to accelerate the promotion of public welfare, mobilize the enthusiasm, the guaranteed public medical institution’s operation, and the State Council’s medical reform leadership team prior to issuance of the implementation of the "Sanming City" Sanming City, the implementation of the implementation of the reform of the medical and health system ", requiring further Increase the promotion of the experience of three Ming doctor, deepen medical, medical insurance, and pharmaceutical linkage reform.

  Taking the "major illness is solved in the province, common diseases are involved in the city and county, the headache and the hot and other small diseases are in the country solve", the opinions are clearly learning Sanming insisted on the people’s first, dare to be the first reform spirit, mainly the local party committee or the government mainly The responsible comrades serve as the leader of the medical reform leadership group, and give full play to the overall coordination of the medical reform leadership group. According to the proposal, all localities must institutionalize the procurement of drug consumables, establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism of medical services, deepen the reform of public hospital salary system, deepen medical insurance payment method reform, and promote the construction of medical union, and enhance the clinical specialist of county hospitals. Ability, improve the family doctor’s signing service, strengthen the construction of rural doctors.

  In normalization institutionalization, the national organized drug consumables centralized quantity quantities, the opinions are clear to gradually expand the procurement range, and strive to have more than 300 general represensitations in the past 2022.

At the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan", the concentrated quantities of countries and provincial organizations in provinces and provincial-level organizations should exceed 500.

  In terms of deepening the reform of medical insurance payment methods, the opinions proposes to implement a multi-compound medical insurance payment method based on the disease, and gradually reduce the proportion of medical insurance funds according to the project, and improve the relevant groups according to the diagnosis of diseases, according to the disease Paying, pressing the daily payment fee, outpatient, according to human payment, etc.

By 2025, the proportion of medical insurance funds accounted for all eligible hospital medical insurance funds in accordance with the disease diagnosis of diseases or the medical insurance funds performed by the disease reached 70%. In addition, the opinions put forward the measures of various provinces to combine practical and refined and improved the experience of promoting the experience of the three Ming doctors, the comprehensive medical reform pilot province, the comprehensive reform of the public hospital, the comprehensive reform demonstration place and the real cost effectiveness, etc. Try the actual first trip.