Taiqing Zhang Mu Ting: Twenty years in the continent, promote cross-strait exchanges have not changed

  China New Commoke, November 9th: Taiqing Zhang Mu Ting: Twenty Continental Two years, promoting two sides of the exchange of the initial heart did not change, Zhu He, "No matter what kind of work in the field, my original intention is to help cross-strait youth .

"Taiwan musicians, Beijing University of Gender Taiwan, recently accepted the interview with China News Service. In October, in Shanxi Taiyuan, the eleventh" Two Side Youth Innovation Entrepreneurship Forum "held in Taiyuan, Zhang Mu Ting, took a speaker, to the guests Introduction He and the partner have launched the "fishing light complementary indoor breeding" entrepreneurial project initiated in Beijing this year.

  "Last year, many solar listed companies have been investing in the construction of photovoltaic power plants in Taiwan, and the committee is responsible for breeding fish and shrimp, and now plans to copy this model to the mainland.

"On the forum, Zhang Mu Ting suit is in the wear, and talking about the two people in the past, the two people in the mainland.

  In 2001, Zhang Mu Ting, who was studied in Taiwan, China Cultural University, came to Beijing, and accidentally met a Nanjing Massacre, and the history of the other party stimulated Zhang Mu Ting’s inspiration, then created "1937 Nanjing Massacre Memorial Single "The anti-war theme music works, causing strong repercussions between young people on both sides.

  Through the sale, he donated the surplus to the "comfort woman" victim, invading the Japanese Nanjing Massacre Memorial Memorial Hall, "Although the payment is not much, but represents a heart."

  In recent years, Zhang Mu Ting’s creation focuses on cultural image of both sides of the strait between Guan Gong and Mazu.

In his opinion, the same role in both sides, this culture and emotions are common, and they are also wiped. Cross-border to new energy fields are entrepreneurship, Zhang Mu Ting is also doing the same thing: assist in cross-strait exchanges to help bilateral youth.

  The photovoltaic breeding projects in his and partners have begun in Taiwan last year – a solar power generating device is placed above the indoor breeding tank to avoid external diseases, and the combination of new energy industry and aquaculture industry is achieved. After the initial results of Taiwan, Zhang Mu Ting has produced the idea of ??"landing" in this technology. After investigation, he saw that fish shrimp products were huge in mainland, and they were imported from Southeast Asia.

At the same time, the mainland is vigorously promoting the revitalization of rural villages, or the main force of new energy development, the prospects are unlimited. Zhang Mu Ting’s bluntly, Taiwan’s solar photovoltaic technology is more leading in some levels, but the development prospects are not in a magnitude of the mainland: Taiwan can only build four hectares, and it takes three years to complete; and Zhejiang’s power station scale It can reach dozens of hectares, which is completely unimaginable in Taiwan.

  "The policy is good, the market is wide, can accelerate the team to imagine landing, why not travel?" In June this year, Zhang Mu Ting founded Beijing Haitan Laugang Technology Co., Ltd., currently in the mainland, I hope that the project landed Shandong, Zhejiang and other coastal province.

  Talking about the future, Zhang Mu Ting lookster to attract two-strait youth talent to join the team.

  Zhang Mu Ting believes that the current economic downturn, the young people are trapped in low salary, but they are often in a state of being, "because they are poor, so there will be no bigger fall." In the past 20 years, Zhang Mu Ting rushed to and from both sides. He witnessed the rapid growth of the mainland. He wrote in the WeChat circle: the economic influence of the mainland began to wake up the island.

He called for Taiqing, seeking progress and development, to deepen the understanding of the mainland, to see it, the future to promote the development of cross-strait relations in the youth, "still have a batch of powerful Army." (Finish).