Shenyang 20,000 express delivery, add legal protection

Original title: Shenyang more than 20,000 express delivery, add legal protection, on October 19, Shenyang City’s SF, US Mission, Yuantong, Shentong and other employee representatives and corporate representatives in "Shenyang Express Industry Collective Contract "on the signing stamp, providing a guarantee for the legitimate rights and interests of more than 20,000 express delivery in Shenyang.

Since this year, the Shenyang Federation of Trade Unions has been a large number of fine work, in which 10,000 employees voluntarily join trade union organizations.

In order to better protect the legitimate rights and interests of industry employees, Shenyang Federation of Trade Unions and these express delivery companies have reached a consensus on the contractual contract of the industry.

In order to ensure the implementation of the contract, the Shenyang Federation of Trade Unions also specifically hired a legal supervisor for each company.

According to reports, the signing of "1 + 3" collective contract, "1" is "Shenyang Express Industry Collective Contract", "3" is "Shenyang Express Industry Salary Special Agreement" "Shenyang Express Industry Labor Safety The Special Agreement on the Special Rights of Women’s Workers in the Express Industry in Shenyang City. Collective contracts are normative for couriers ‘labor compensation and payment methods, working hours and rest vacation, labor safety and health, labor insurance and welfare, female workers’ special rights protection, vocational training, and corporate, trade union and employees.

Among them, the contract requires express delivery enterprises in accordance with the courier service coverage, concentrate the comprehensive factors such as residential area, business district, and effectively solve the parking, charging, drinking water, such as toilets, etc. It is convenient to provide work and life for the city’s express delivery staff. Encouraging conditions for employees to insure personal accidents, employers’ responsibilities and other commercial insurance, commercial insurance costs can be determined by both parties to determine, prevent traffic accidents and occupational injuries.

In terms of labor remuneration, the contract clearly clear the minimum wage (excluding welfare, overtime salary, high temperature and low temperature and personal payment) standard is 1950 yuan, the minimum salary of hours.

Among them, Liaozhong, Xinmin, French and Kangping are 1680 yuan, and the minimum salary of hours is 17 yuan.

It is reported that the collective contract can cover more than 400 legal express delivery companies in Shenyang.

Relevant persons of the Provincial General Trade Union said that the next step will be signed as an opportunity to copy promotion in the province. Some legal persons pointed out that some express enterprises’s salary design, the reward and punishment mechanism force the courier "Dora", paying attention to "quantity", it is inevitable to make "quality" discount. Therefore, signing the collective contract of the express delivery industry, not only for the courier’s safety insurance, but also on the express enterprise "tightening", pouring the express delivery company to strengthen management, consciously maintain the legitimate rights and interests of practitioners. (Editor: Filial Piety, Tanglong) Sharing let more people see client downloads.