Stabilizing manufacturing investment rebounded (vertical)

Original title: Stabilizing manufacturing investment rebounded (vertical) National Bureau of Statistics showed data released, from January to May this year, my country’s manufacturing investment increased year-on-year, higher than all investment a percentage point, two-year average growth rate by 1 – April in April to grow into growth%. The average growth rate of manufacturing investment two years is attracting concern.

This shows that as China’s economy is stable, the stability is good, manufacturing investment is accelerating.

  High-tech manufacturing investment provides support for manufacturing investment growth. In May, the higher-tech manufacturing added value increased year-on-year, two years average growth%, two-year average growth rate increased by a percentage point in April, and continued to drive industrial production. From January to May, high-tech industrial investment has grown in two years, and it is also significantly faster than all investment growth.

From all local situations, industrial investments such as high-tech manufacturing are becoming an investment focus.

  my country’s economy is from the entity economy, but also rely on the entry into the future.

Developing the entity economy, be sure to do the manufacturing industry.

Steady manufacturing, we must stabilize investment. With the continued recovery of China’s economy, the factors that are conducive to manufacturing investment recovery are accumulating and increasing, and companies have maintained a better level for market expectations. However, it is also necessary to see that the externally uncertain unstable factors are still more, the industry, enterprise growth is still highlighted, and the rise in commodity prices increases to the impact of the middle and lower reaches. It is necessary to further take measures to stabilize manufacturing investment back Steady situation. Continue to do financing support for manufacturing upgrades.

The special nature of manufacturing production, plus digital technology, intelligent technology development, determined that it is much more controlled to advanced manufacturing, strategic emerging industries and industrial chain supply chains to advanced manufacturing, strategic emerging industries and industrial chain supplies Long-term credit support, increase technical transformation loans, promote equity investment, bond financing, etc.

Implement a good financial and tax-pay financial policy, and effectively reduce the reduction of red envelopes and manufacturing companies.

  Promote the development of private investment.

From January to May this year, folk investment increased year-on-year; the average growth rate of two years was% in 1 – April. Among them, manufacturing private investment growth%.

It is necessary to actively broaden private enterprise investment space, and better play the role of private and SMEs in manufacturing investment. Encourage enterprises to increase technology transformation, using advanced applicable technology to upgrade traditional industries, promote major innovation technology and product applications, industrial basic capabilities Improve, new mobile can grow, improve labor productivity. At present, the relevant units shall pay great attention to the adverse effects of the mass commodity prices in accordance with the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, continue to strengthen market regulation, relieve the cost of manufacturers, and continuously enhance corporate investment confidence. (Editor: Musiyu, XX) Share let more people see the recommended reading.