Sichuan original industrial history poem theme TV series "Fire Red Year" receiving CCTV

Original title: Relive Three-line construction recolysigni Sichuan original industrial history theme TV drama "Fire Red Year" in the background of the three-line construction, the Sichuan original industrial epic, the CCTV-1 golden gear, has got a good view and reputation. "Fire Red Year" is a story prototype with the famous three-line industrial enterprises such as 19 Ye, Panang, and Panca coal. Through China’s first self-designed large steel enterprise – the construction of the Sichuan Iron and Steel Plant, the main line of the plot, panorama The three-line construction process, portrayed the ordinary hero group in the era of youth.

  The screenwriter suddenly passed a prototype, and many plots came from a real life in the 1960s. Under the national call, hundreds of thousands of builders from the five lakes and four seas went to the Sichuan ferry (now Panzhihua), with steel’s will, in a ridiculous The hillside has created a miracle in the history of the world.

  Telling the three-wire construction this grand subject, "Fire Red Year" time spans up to four or fifty years, but did not use a grand narrative method, but started from the bottom perspective, through the construction of the Sichuan Steel Plant in Jinjiang, students Individual destiny, such as engineers, refractive era processs with individual fate of engineers.

  At the beginning of the episode, on the hill of Jinjiang Wanmarti meters, it is necessary to build a 3 million-ton-level large steel company that is completely designed by the Chinese.

Such a complex geographical environment, there is no precedent in the world, and a vigorous industrial building is a big scene, thereby opening. Workers, cadres, scientific and technicians, youth students … a large number of the ideal builders have come here, the conditions are very hard, the hooks, sweat, wind comb, the conference warfare. Most characters in the play can find prototypes in reality, most of which are also from true stories. Screenwriter and leather, in 2011, the creation of this subject has been opened in Panzhihua in the past few years, and more than 700 people have accumulated 1200 words of interview notes.

In the interview, to the same story, leather Definitely not prove to complement each other through different people’s memories of that period red years, gradually emerge in three dimensions: Ark summer, Qin Xiaodan, Qiaojia Li, Chen Guomin, Ji Cheng Gang and a number of roles gradually clear.

  The drama protagonist summer’s Ark, is a graduate of the University of talented engineers, look at the drawings almost never forget, do not need a sum of a piece of paper, thanks to the brain perform complex deduction and operations.

Different from the delicate image of intellectuals had a lot of drama in the summer only to see the Ark of the drawings, it got under the site, arrived in Jinjiang, and technical school students on behalf of competition "over the mountains jump" to see who had the courage in the high sky pushing a trolley full of sand and gravel on the shelf successfully reached the other side. Ge-revealed summer Ark own image is a collection of interviews with more than three lines builders.

Its ability to look at the drawings never forget this is from an engineer he had worked in the factory, "I put this feature to design a summer Ark him." And Chen Guomin play as workers’ representatives, is a three-line construction site on "four Diamond" in the first, the prototype was a Korean War veteran, was involved in the three-line construction, skilled workers become an excellent backbone. How to shoot difficulty "hard core" industrial Drama reproduce large industrial construction scene since its launch on September 25, "red for Love" in many professional Ye Jian scene, the audience get thumbs. In today’s TV industry, industrial theme works are not too many, a lot of presents fewer professional scene, but "red love" but to face this problem, you want to create a "hard core" of industrial Drama.

  In Nongnong total floor area of ??square kilometers, challenge the world precedent since the building of a 300-ton large-scale iron and steel enterprises, there are a lot of contradictions and difficulties. For example, in the first episode, the construction team suffered a lifting materials can carry far more than the amount of problems, in the absence of the other equipment, the construction team must rely on the wisdom and strong teamwork to solve this problem.

  Director Wang Wenjie, who directed ‘Kong’, "" square team the Red Cross "and other works. Interview with reporters, he said, to show the construction of large industrial scenes have been filmed in the most difficult problems.

"Some major infrastructure facilities that era, now is not very good looking.

"Wang Wenjie said that natural disasters as well as rainstorms, landslides and other presentation screen, also need to find ways to appear one by one.

  "Fiery red for Love", mainly in Panzhihua location shooting. At the beginning of the series, reflects the 1960s, Jin Jiang is still a barren land.

But now the Panzhihua has already developed into a modern beautiful mountain, you want to find real as the original, but also let the crew take a lot of brains.

  Before the shooting, the cast will arrive early in Panzhihua, Panzhihua Iron and Steel and other places to collect folk songs and learning.

Linjiang Guo starring in the play summer ark, he told reporters, a large number of lines in professional terms, he is shooting the show need to accept the challenge, to integrate into the plot, can not rely on rote, find out more go to the expressions of what it really meant. "In shooting, you need to regularly check the information, or consult a professional engineer, did you say that word." Gefei said the show was chosen as the lead engineer, not selected for presentation from the perspective of workers, but also it is hope that this drama to show a scientific attitude – three-line construction, and not just rely on sweat can be completed, the scientific spirit of seeking truth from facts and keep dreaming inseparable from the spirit of innovation. Cast members sentiment fiery youth also salute the show Wang Wenjie said the inspiration for today, very excited after reading "red Love" script, which is a celebration of a generation of positive energy and dedication deeply touched and infection.

  That’s in red, young people participate in third-line construction, to give up city life, or even sacrificed their precious lives.

In the play, as plot development, there are some major players will be sacrificed to third-line construction.

Wang Wenjie said that these sacrifices when shooting scenes, and he is a great effort pondering.

"They are young, their homes, came to this difficult place, did not wait to see when the fame or glory development of the city, has been sacrificed.

During shooting, a lot of my scenes are shot in tears. "Despite the difficult business, but a group of men at the site Polytechnic joy of life, the audience sometimes tense, sometimes hilarious. At the same time, romantic feelings are grown on this land, summer love story between Ark and Qin Xiaodan, people feel a part of that romantic era.

  Process half a century, Southern Iron and Steel Plant has experienced from scratch glory, and later suffered the impact of gradual decline, the face of the plight of positive transformation, and constantly adapt to the times, ultimately for enterprises to find new ways of innovation and development, the old third-line business with renewed vigor, continued momentum for national construction industry output endless stream.

  Linjiang Guo said that he was most impressed scene, the hero is played with emotion when the review process of their own lives in old age.

"The whole play was over, in fact, I followed the character has gone through decades of ups and downs together.

"Linjiang Guo said that when the characters seventy or eighty years, saw his sacrifice and dedication has brought about huge changes in a city or even country, will find this a lifetime’s worth of pay, no regrets." Personal ideals matter of national destiny, fate of the country related to the fate of individuals. It is not simply to talk, but to really go dedication to the country, only to be proud of.

"Wang Wenjie said.

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