Reduce express packaging pollution (proposal)

  Prospectors: The National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the case: In recent years, with the continuous development of the Internet economy, the express delivery, takeaway and other industries have rapidly, and a large number of disposable plastic packaging is used, discarded. In addition to the recovery of regenerative materials, the plastic waste is re-use, most of which are incinerated and bold, and there is a large amount of air contaminants or damage to the soil, forming white pollution. Therefore, it is imminent to solve the problem of plastic packaging pollution in express delivery industries. Recommendation: Further opening the packaging waste recycling industry chain.

Encourage packaging waste recycling, implement "who is disarmed, who pays", explores the marketing model of government purchase services, franchise rights, government and social capital cooperation, relaxing social capital on investment and approval of packaging waste recycling field Restrictions, give relevant enterprises to government subsidies, tax concessions, etc.

  Improve the garbage classification management system.

Regulate the garbage classification behavior, clarify the garbage classification system, and the source reduction, supervision and management, security measures, rewards and punishment, etc., so that the garbage classification can be followed, and there is a chapter. At the same time, the garbage classification work is included in the local environmental assessment content, clarify the subject’s responsibility, formulate standard norms, and strengthen supervision and inspection.

  In large and medium cities continue to implement "banned orders". The population of large and medium-sized cities is concentrated, logistics is developed, and there is more plastic waste. It is recommended to adopt mandatory measures to fully ban production, sales and use of disposable non-degradable plastic products. In the short term, in the practice of centralized governance, curb the source increment, accelerate the process of promoting plastics waste governance, reversing market development, and replacement technology research and development. Accelerate the R & D to recycle, easy to recover, degradable plastic substitutes. Through government guidance, increase scientific research investment, implement scientific and technological talent introduction, driving market demand, attracting domestic and foreign research teams to investigate and develop substitutes. Strengthen environmental promotion. Vigorously promote environmental protection education into the organ, enter the school, enter the enterprise, enter the community; actively use the Internet new media, strengthen environmental publicity and education, firmly establish the socialist ecological civilization concept, promote the consumption of diligence and saving, guide the masses to establish a green life concept, The formation of green consumption, protecting the ecological environment, with the spread of waste, aggravating the ecological burden, so that the green lifestyle has become the style of the times.

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