People’s Daily Overseas Edition approaches Chagan: Inheriting the cultural persistence concept to revitalize

  This is a magical lake.

Thousands of blue waves, born on the grounds of Guandong, rising between Bai Mountain Pine; this is a mysterious lake.

The world of vicissitudes, gave birth to the last fishing hunting tribe in the world; this is a sacred lake.

The hinterland of the grassland is the lack of history of Liaojin; the boom of the boiling water is the birthplace of Montage. The water, a grass, a spring breeze, like a mysterious history of history, witnessed Chantil’s vicissitudes of vicissitudes … One side of the soil inherit the millennium culture to check dry lake, white holy lake. The largest inland lake in Jilin Province. There are 37 kilometers north and south of the lake, 17 kilometers wide, with an average area of ??500 square kilometers, with an annual average water storage capacity of about 700 million cubic meters. Check the vast and broad and broad and biggest bodies of Cherry Lake, making it a life cradle of the ancestors.

  As early as 10,000 years ago, "Chairman" will live in the water of the holy water, ignite a bunch of bonfire symbolizing civilization and progress. They use lake for their lives, relying on traditional fishing methods, and conquer natural.

The labor number of the glacier, reflecting the excellent quality of the national spirit, highlighting the unique connotation of national culture.

  The sacred water is blending with thousands of years, and there is a history of history. Tang Taizong rose, the soldiers stationed, Jin Taizu, a group of group, swearing the triumphant, a generation of Tianjiao into Genghi Khan to get rid of the squad, benting the bow … This piece of vast waters provide a history stage for the Heroes of the past generation. The wind smoke is scattered, and the fishing hunting tribes on the side of the drib to interpret another life legend.

  Prepare the ninety-nine rituals, 吟 湖 湖, jumping up the shaman dance, drinking a strong wine … Every year, the winter season, in the vast snow in Chagan Lake, will hold a mysterious "Macwork Lake · Waken" ceremony .

  The prelude of "Songyuan · Chaohu Winter Winter" is driven away.

  The ice-down, a piece of ice, a fat head fish, a tail, an exciting labor number, a hidden labor number, a hosted fishing hunting net, outlined a wonder of the national charm and the Sierra style.

Many long horse head piano rhyme, 铿铿 八 八 八 鼓, 犷 长 长 号 … More than a few points from the ancient mystery and solemn. Check the vast water of the dried lake, nurture and moisturize the buddy in the Tong Yishe, giving birth to a unique geographical culture containing winter injury. Today, Ma Dunqin, Ulgger (Mongolian Qu Arts Safe), Winter Advanced Customs – Every National Intangible Cultural Heritage Carrying Unique Silk Arts and Cultural Identity has been properly preserved and vigorously promoted, and people remember Historical vicissitudes, tangible cultural root pulse.

  A feeling of love and adhere to the ecological concept recalls that the top of the top of the lake, the "80,000 troops pine water" pounds are shocking.

  In the early 1960s, due to the many reasons such as the upstream disclosure, after years of drought, Zhu Jihu was killed, the wind, the lake, the mother of the grassland, the lake, the life lake, in the end of the year, and hit the line. On the occasion of the crisis, the "Treatment Engineering" of the "Tianzim" water conservancy project was opened.

  A hammer is a pair of hands, one heart is a blood.

Chagan people greeted the difficulties, and finally opened a "grassland canal", built a "golden waterway", and then checked the smoke of the smoke, the blue sky, changing the blue sky in the former Guo Irun area. Thousands of miles scent. On a generation of builders, we witnessed the dedication, witnessed the perseverance, and more witnessed loyalty. I went to the historical smoke, and I still found the god of dried lake.

  Repair from the waterstore to the ecological white, from the water source to purify the water body, from improving the water to interception pollution, from the summer, the net fishing fish to the winter to catch up the big fish … A series of ecological protection initiatives Let Chasing Lake like a Phoenix Nirvana to rebirth. Millennium Millennium Winged Fishing Made Avoids the damage of mechanical fishing to the ecological environment. Today’s Tonghu is like a paradise, it is like a biological treasure house – here gull peanar, hundreds of birds, white cranes, Dand Crane, oriental white stork, 239 rare and endangered birds have been inhabilitation; more than 200 kinds Wild plants are surrounded by. Good water, good fish, 68 kinds of fish. Every winter, more than 6,000 tons of "mineral peak" with auspicious and blessing of Chagan Lake, becoming the healthiest taste on the table of ordinary people.

  Pure natural environment, ancient working customs – Chao, China’s final fishing hunting tribe, sticking to the most primitive, most traditional, and most elegant lifestyle, passing to nature awareness.

  Ecologicality is civilized. From the "pineers" of the year to today’s "fish hunter", from the tough "pine spirit" to the millennium fishing and hunting civilization, the generation of the Sundi Lake people adhere to the simplicity of the nature, care for the ecology, giving nature Leave the time to rest, realize "fishing and long-lasting." A spiritual realization of ideal green water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan, and Ice Time is also Jinshan Yinshan. How to achieve the ideal of revitalization in the spring breeze deepening the reform? Taking cultural as cutting, "tourism economy" highlights humanistic connotation, and a series of innovative initiatives have injected vitality and vitality into Chaohu’s development.

  Ma Dunqin, all fish banquet, Ulgger, national costume … The ancient non-legacy culture and beauty of Chaohu scene are closely integrated.

In recent years, Chagan people have relying on the new tricks of the national culture, and continuously hold the "Winter Cars", Tourism Festival, and build a special brand such as Tonghu Folk Festival, "Ice Lake Tengfish". Checking the winter injury is more broken into butterflies, making a national cultural tourism symbol, turning the "cold winter" in the season into the "warm spring" of the development.

  With innovation, we must also dry to promote development. This is consistent with the survival creed that Chaohu people adhering – hard work can exchange a rich harvest. Whether it is a traditional Chinese fisherman’s persistence, or the new era fishermen relying on science and technology wisdom, self-improvement, chasing the spirit of the dream and hardworking, and tough character, always run through it. A series of precious poverty alleviation, rich people in the village, awakened a lake’s holy water, bringing a family, pulling a party economy. This is the happiness and satisfaction of the fishing hunting tribe, but also the most prominent praise, the most lush gift.

  Spring flower, summer enjoyment, autumn, winter hunting fish … Chaohu, from the mantun of Liaojin Emperor, there is a tourist attraction, green mountains, and green hills. And the ice and snow becomes Jinshan Yinshan.

Chagan Lake ushered in another rapidly developing spring.

  "Sour of the fish!" From ancient times, the spring and autumn rod, and the old fish on the lake is always endless, and thousands of holy lakes joys exciting harvest.

Perhaps, this sound of crying shouted, blowing a strong role in which it is invested, injects the life of the life of the land, and playing the strength of the power and the times of breath.

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