This prediction system makes complex vital injury surgery bid farewell to "blind"

  According to incomplete statistics, my country has an average of 5 million-12 million eye trauma every year.

Among them, the complicated eye survival is diverse, the injury is heavy, and the visual acuity is notble means the need for eye removal, seriously affecting the work and quality of life of patients.

  Recently, Professor Yan Hua, a team leader Yanhua, the head of the Eyehavision Group of the Chinese Medical Association of Tianjin Medical University, with the clinical and basic research of complex eye trauma, with multidisciplinary experts, jointly established the world’s first Visiongo Vision prediction system, the system can predict that the possibility of re-obtaining light after the injury is treated by vitreous, and provides a scientific basis for assessing the transgeneration and prognosis of injury.

The system also evaluates the intervention which risk factors enable light glare to achieve better vision prognosis, avoid blindness of vitreous surgery. Complex eye trauma faces "blind cut" problem eye trauma is due to mechanical, physical, chemistry and other factors directly acting on eye, causing eye structure and function damage. Since the position of the eye is relatively special, the injured opportunity is much higher than the other parts of the body, and the eye structure is also very delicate, and a serious eye injury can be tired of multiple eyes inner structure, causing serious consequences. Yan Hua introduced that the abutment of the complexity of the eye is not only harmful, but also is very complicated, difficult. "Complex eye injury involves angular film cracking, iris damage, former house hematopoietic, lens injury, glass volume blood, ball foreign matter, intraocular infection, retinal detachment, choroidal detachment, etc., severe subjects, Eyeball shrinks.

"Yan Hua said that there is no photograph of visual acuity means that it is necessary to conduct eye-catching, which will bring great pain to patients and their families. The Yanhua team has found that the collection and research of a large number of complex eye trauma in the country The causes of vision-free illumination include optic god damage, thick blood circulation, retinal, choroidal bleeding or detachment, and the center of the retina, vein blocked, etc. through glass resection surgery, completely remove the glass body and retina blood, so that the retina and The choroid is reset, and the patients from about 1/3 after surgery can restore light. Therefore, the eyesight have no photosensitiveness, and this eye will lose the treatment value.

  "But for patients who have no photosensitive visual acuity after abutment, people who can restore photosensitism after surgery are only a small part. Most of people still have no photosensitive, and even avoid the fate of eye atrophy. "Yan Hua said, therefore it takes a device or intelligent system to predict the patient’s postoperative vision recovery, and precise treatment, avoid blindness of surgical treatment.

  Vision prediction systems can guide doctors to do this, Yanhua team and multidisciplinary experts teamed up with the world’s first VisionGo vision prediction system based on machine learning technology. Machine learning is a subsequent domain of artificial intelligence, and its personalized prediction has been verified to have high accuracy in the transfer and prognostic prediction of various diseases. If the machine learning can realize the accurate prediction of child autism and child myopia development, provide a basis for early interventions. However, the application of machine learning in the field of vision prognosis of intra-eye injury, no optical sensation, no reports.

  The Yanhua team jointly has 14 research centers in the country. The original clinical data of the intensive patients with complex eye injuries in the center of nearly 10 years is collected through the medical record system, and then the data is normalized and formatted, and the missing part is Data, established my country’s largest eye-free light glare database.

  The team constructs a Visiongo vision prediction system by performing detailed analysis, treatment, processing, using machine learning.

  After inputting the clinical features of the patients with eye injury, the system will analyze the possibility of the patient’s sewing after the treatment of vitreous resection is obtained by a series of algorithms, and can also analyze which clinical features of the patient This vision end will play a critical role.

  "For eyeballs that are able to restore light sensation, doctors can achieve better visual prognosis for key clinical feature symptoms by vitreous treatment.

"Yan Hua said that the accuracy of VisionGO vision prediction system can reach more than 90%, the same data International Eye Exterior Score OTS method predictive accuracy is only 49%. Related links my country’s eye trauma research has taken in front of the world for more than 20 years, my country has achieved a series of breakthrough progress in the study of ignition research. A number of clinical studies include complex eye trauma, no glimpse, intraocular foreign matter, corneal blood-free surgical treatment, etc., all have achieved good Results. In recent years, Yanhua Professor Tianjin Medical University has jointly attacked and in-depth scientific research in Major Herozoism, and overcomes a key technique in the field of eye trauma treatment. Extensive promotion has been widely promoted, and the vision recovery opportunities in patients with eye injuries have greatly improved.

  In order to make my country’s eye trauma treatment more standardized, experts and scholars in the eye-catching group of Chinese Medical Association Eye Science Branch, "China Mechanical Eyes" Traumatic broccoliological treatment expert consensus (2020) "" China’s foreign body treatment expert consensus (2021) "has greatly improved our treatment level in these three fields.

At present, Professor Yanhua is organizing domestic and foreign visual trauma to work together to write "international guidelines for mechanical ignition, no glimpse," will once again issued Chinese voices in the field of international eye trauma. (Chen Yu).