No need to rely on Apple’s high-pass seed new "shake money tree: proponents!

Last night, Qualcomm held a 2021 investor conference, and he would visit Qualcomm CEO to talk about Qualcomm’s future development key projects.

Anton said that the automotive industry is very special for Qualcomm, Qualcomm can apply all the techniques in each field.

At present, Qualcomm is ranked first in remote information processing, car network and next-generation smart cockpit three major fields. There have been dozens of cars in the world have chosen the Snapdragon Auto Digital Cockup Platform.

In the automatic driving area, Qualcomm is acquiring Vietr’s Arriver software platform and announced the first time to reach intimate cooperation with BMW.

Subsequently, Qualcomm, the CHEF Officer, published the revenue of Qualcomm. In 2021, Qualcomm Auto Business Camp has reached 100 million US dollars, which is 51% over 2020 billion US dollars. This speed has exceeded the mobile business.

It should be noted that although the growth rate is fast, the current car is not the core business of Qualcomm, only in 2021 revenues. However, Qualcomm expects that in the next few years, the automobile business will usher in a substantial growth, and the scale of their own target market will increase from the current $ 1 billion to $ 15 billion, and the annual composite growth rate reaches 36%.

At the same time, the car business revenue will increase from this year’s billion dollars to $ 3.5 billion after five years, and it is expected to reach 8 billion US dollars in ten years later, which is really a new money tree! As one of the largest customers of Qualcomm, Apple plays an important role and is the main source of revenue. But Among said that Qualcomm’s growth does not depend on any single customer relationship. It is expected that the high-pass service in Qualcomm and Apple will drop to a few percentages in its chip business at the end of 2024. [Source: Fast Technology] [Author: Falling] Editor: kJ005.