The first bridge pier concrete pouring in Yinkun Expressway is completed

On October 24th, the reporter learned from the LJ08-2 segment of the Yinkun Expressway Sun Mountain to Pengyang Section, after the construction of the builders, the Jieji Bridge, the No. 0 bridge of the China Railway 18th Bureau, Successful pouring This is the first bridge pier concrete pouring in Yinkun Expressway, providing experience in the concrete pouring of Yinke’s full line. "Concrete pour is essential, especially the largest bridge, high-rise, concrete pouring construction difficulty is particularly large.

Wang Chunxiao, the "China Railway 18th Bureau Group Yinkun Expressway" Wang Chun Xiao told reporters that the oil floral Liang Shi Bridge is located in the mountainous area of ??Haiyuan County, Zhongwei City, is a key control project within the branch, and the bridge is 1110 meters long.

Not only the structure is very difficult to control, but the concrete is poured, and the difficulty is difficult.

Due to the area where the mountains, the dry water is low, the temperature is low, in order to ensure the smooth pouring of the underlying beam, the project department organizes many studies, and has been detailed and safe and technical, and the technical process is fully committed to ensure the quality of concrete.

Since the construction site is too high, the project department has adjunished local scarce super long boat pump trucks, which is convenient for concrete. After staying at night, the concrete of the oilfront Liang Shi Bridge No. 0 bridge was poured on October 24.

Yinkun Expressway Sunshan Development Zone to Pengyang Section is listed as one of the top ten projects in the Huanghe River Basin during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period of the Autonomous Region, and is also part of the pilot of Ningxia, the construction of Ningxia. An important part of the "Fifth Radio" in the "Three Ring Eight Anti – Jiuyi" Expressway Network Planning.

The road section started construction in August 2020, the construction period was 4 years, and the route is full of kilometers. From the Sunshan Development Zone, Wuzhong City, to the southern Dangdotong District, Tongxin County, Zhongwei City Haiyuan County, Guyuan City, Yuanzhou District and Pengyang County, with Gansu, after completion, will become a new Ningxia, a new Nort-South Traffic Aorta. (Reporter Zhao Lei) (Editor: 梦 婕, 容) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.