TATA: Taiwan major political parties "Transfer" layout local elections

On October 13, according to Taiwan, the news network reported on October 12. In 2022, the county mayor of Taiwan, a total of 14 seek succession, 8 unloaded, the Kuomintang hopes to stabilize 14 seats; The party is to force 7 seats waiting for 9 seats; the people’s party is looking forward to sitting on the law of fishermen with blue green.

Among them, Taipei City, Taoyuan City, and Hsinchu City are more regarded as important battles in the political layout of blue green white. According to the report, the DPP is used to arrange the high-popular county mayor to enter the Taiwan authorities. On the one hand, it will increase the extension of the thickness of the thickness, and use the way to send a young man, but this time is interfered with the epidemic. The National Party Challenges and other factors.

The report also said that Zheng Wencan, which was regarded as a successor, undertakes the burden of the authorities since the epidemic, and the epidemic prevention policy is questioned. With the impact of the policies, it is not as good as the rod into the Rhetoric Garden, which is also a 2024 elective paving. . According to the report, Lin Zhijian has previously passed out, will transfer the Taoyuan, North City, Xinbei, and finally because of the school, personal will have no difficulties, this time, this time, the merger of the new bamboo county and the city, has been questioned, and the surface is to develop, and it is true for ourselves. Create.