Taichuan’s new opportunity to hold a health industry cooperation

Sichuan Health Industry Visit Group Team.

People’s Daily Online Taipei, November 8th (Reporter Ren Chengqi, Wu Yuming) Faces with the continuous emergence of cross-strait medical service business opportunities, Sichuan Medical Association on November 8 in Taipei International Convention Center and Taiwan’s Tiancheng Medical System and China Strait Cross-Straits Medical and Health Industrial Development Association and other signing cooperation memorandum, launching substance cooperation.

On the same day, the "Sichuan Health Industry Exchange Conference" on both sides of the Sichuan also attracted about 120 people from both sides of the strait, the live interaction is enthusiastic, and many people have the current situation of Sichuan Medical Health and Health Industry, and Luzhou Health City, Chengdu International The investment environment of the Medicine City and Chengdu Shuanglong Biomedical Industry is very interested. As the large province in China in China, Sichuan has actively built the development of medical and health industry in recent years, especially in the concept of "healthy city". Under the witness and arrangement of the Taiwan Foreign Trade Association, the Sichuan Provincial Health Department came to the Taiwan industry to communicate with the Taiwan industry and hoped to promote further cooperation.

The island industry said that after signing the service trade agreement on both sides, it is expected that the future cooperation in the field of medical services in the future will be more closely. The geographic location of both sides is similar, whether it is language, diet, living habits and cultural contexts, and there is no obstacle.

The level and advantages of Taiwan’s medical services such as cranial reconstruction surgery, living liver transplantation, cardiovascular treatment and artificial reproduction have fully obtained international affirmation, and is the target industry that is actively striving for cooperation in mainland China, Taiwan’s excellent medical technology and services. The people who expand Sichuan have been referred to.