Revised the party’s brilliance, write red youthful answer

Recently, the China New Tianjin Ecological City Taxation Bureau Tax Economics Party Branch launched the "Relive Party’s Glorious Years, Writing Red Youth Answers" Theme Party Day series activities, leading party members to relive the party’s brilliance, through learning the party’s struggle History and the heroic deeds of the martyrs firmly believe, inspire the fighting spirit, the character, enlighten the wisdom, condense the pounds of the officer entrepreneurship, bloom youth on the tax front. During the event, party members watched the "Glamor History of the Party" "I and my father" "Changjin Lake". Party members have said that they will continue to continue the red blood, pick up the "relay sticks" of the revolutionary predecessors, always listen to the party’s words, go with the party, cherish the peaceful life of today, consciously integrate personal integration into the motherland construction, implement good All tax preferential policies, useful service, take advantage of the difficulties, use the tax position to do their duties, and attack the actual actions of the hardships to firmly believe in the new journey to build the motherland. Red Youth Answer.

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