The new era of the excellent county party secretary style 丨 Zhang Feng: do more, the foundation, the good things of the long-distance

  Xinhua News Agency, July 16th, July: Zhang Feng: Do more to make a foundation, seek long-distance things, Xinhua News Agency, Central Xi Dazhen, Zhao Yuhe Zhang Feng, September 2013, served as Hainan Tibet Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province Deputy Secretary of the Nanxian Committee, the county magistrate, county magistrate, January 2018 to March 202, Renguan County Party Secretary, current Republican County Party Secretary. "It is necessary to make a good thing to do more, don’t have to play the foundation, don’t have to make a foundation.

Zhang Feng said. On July 6th, Zhang Feng was applying documents in the office in the Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province.

During the Xinhua News Agency, Central Xiuda, during the work of Guishan, Zhang Fengjun, has been developed. As of 2015, the local college, the high school graduation failed to continue to enrollment, "two-after birth", these 20 years old, no The length of the skill, I can’t find a job, but I don’t want to engage in traditional agricultural and animal husbandry production, becoming a big social problem. "This question is high in social attention, and the masses have reflected strong and must find ways to solve." Zhang Feng said. For poor families, if someone masters a technology, it is very hoped to bring great changes to the family.

There was only one vocational and technical school at the time in Hainan Province, which was 150 kilometers away from Guisheng County. Zhang Feng secretly determined to build a vocational school at home.

He believes that this is an effective initiative to transform the agricultural herdists, especially the youth generation, etc. "There is resistance at the time, but you must take the ‘hard bones’.

"Zhang Feng’s research on various policies, repeated organizes the discipline, after multi-fundraising, using vacant school buildings, officially established Hainan State Vocational and Technical School Guisheng, the same year, Tangka, Tibetan decoration, national costume , Hidden embroidery, stone carving and other majors. On July 6th, Zhang Feng (middle) surveyed in the village of Suihai, Chabi Town, Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Hainan Province, China.

Xinhua News Agency, Central Xiuda, today, students who are studying at this professional school are not only sent here in Guishan County, Zhoufang County and other states.

After graduating from Hainan State Tongde County, he worked in a car repair shop in the county. The annual income exceeded 50,000 yuan; Puhuan did not graduate from the middle of the family in the middle of the country, studying in the position After the design of the decoration, the collection of hidden renovations, the annual income exceeded 200,000 yuan; Xie Zhuo Ma took a tailor shop, after graduating from national costumes, opened a business company, and solved the 28 people Employment problem … Guisheng County is the key county of the province’s animal husbandry, in order to grasp the animal husbandry, Zhang Feng let the director of the County Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Office; when you go to the countryside, he and the farmers and herdsmen live together with labor. Ecological accounts, economic accounts and development accounts together. In a survey, Zhang Feng found that the herders explored the head of large households, and the friends and family were engaged in the production and operation of animal husbandry, and the effect was very good.

So, in the county, he cultivated the family farmer’s ranking as a collaborative economic organization, which has strongly improved the intensification, histological and scale of agricultural and animal husbandry.

  "Only by vigorously developing ecological animal husbandry, it can help her herders’ income." Zhang Feng gave full play to lead the leading enterprises such as modern grassroots, Plateau animal husbandry, forming a set of agriculture and animal husbandry, processing, processing, sales, preliminary The modern ecological animal husbandry development pattern of "breeding sore, protecting the ecology, improving the proportion of the abstains, and accelerating the turn of livestock". On July 6, Zhang Feng (right) and the village of Yoshai Village, Suizi Village, Chabi Town, Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province. Xinhua News Agency, Central Xiuda, is also one of the key counties of the national anti-Tijisha, and Zhang Feng is firmly responsible for ecological protection. "How many weekends in the number of countless, Zhang Shuji spent us in the desert.

"Han Fulong, deputy magistrate, who has worked with Zhang Feng for many years, Hanfulong, Zhang Feng worried that the car was destroyed to the desert, sometimes pierced ten kilometers to destination; the county held a desert cross-country race, and he was in the same time after the field Adjust the route, which is to protect every tree in the desert. In the Yellow Sandou area of ??Yellow Sand, there is now green.

Zhang Feng led the cadres and masses to create a beautiful Huangsha Touard National Desert Park in Guisheng County, and received many honors such as "Advanced Collective of the Sanbei Protective Forest System Construction Engineering" "National Anti-Satsunda Advanced Collective". "Zhang Shuji is very high, and the work is very strict. If he finds any job, it does not work as required, and will be reflected on the spot, and unrecognizes the relevant cadres.

"Han Fulilong said." Only with the masses to face, you can understand the most authentic situation of cadres.

"Zhang Feng often does not say hello to the direct research, listen to the evaluation of the people. He selected six standing committees as the first secretary of the township party committee, 8 county-level cadres as community instructor, for the comprehensive improvement of grassroots party organization services Ability.

  When he was the Secretary of the Guishan County Party Committee, Zhang Feng found that the aging of the cadres in middle age aging, the young cadres showed a fault, and there was no "90" departmental cadres in the county. He has a pressure, and 2018 bold pilots openly selected 15 young cadres. The reporter understands that the appreciation of this batch of young cadres is recognized and is playing in their respective positions. "We are going to train, exercise, discover cadres, truly let offers, Ken officers, can do business, and do the cadres of doing things, Ken officers, can do business, and doing things." Zhang Feng said.

  On July 6, Zhang Feng (left) surveyed in Jane Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd., Hainan Tibet Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhao Yuhe.