The Central Political and Legal Committee held "I don’t forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission" theme education summary meeting

The Central Political and Legal Committee held the "Ink Alternative, Keep Remembling Mission" Theme Education Summary of the Conference of the General Assembly, the summary of the speech, Li Wei’s comment, January 12, 2019 09:28 Source: This newspaper Beijing September 11 (full media The reporter Jiang Hong) The Central Political and Legal Committee recently held "unforgettable, remember the mission" theme education summary meeting.

Entrusted by the Secretary General of the Central Political and Legal Committee, Chen Yixin, the deputy secretary-general of the Central Political and Legal Committee, made a summary speech.

The central "unforgettable, remember the mission" theme education, the eleventh guidelines, deputy director Li Wei, attended the meeting and commented on his speech. The meeting pointed out that the Central Political and Legal Committee learned in-depth study and implemented China’s characteristic socialist thinking and party central decision-making deployment, grasp the total requirements and target tasks of the theme education, and adhered to the "provisions" to do in place, "self-selected action" creation, and carefully organize deployment , Pay close attention to the implementation of the implementation, and the stage is significantly effective.

Adhere to the focus of significant, target requirements, learning education, investigation research, search questions, implementation, special traction, organizational leaders, etc. "eight focus" as "eight focus", etc. Adhere to "Strengthening the Ideal Belief" "Remembering the Party" "Beginning" "Begins" as "five topics" such as "Keeping Qingxiang and Integrity" as the traction, hold 5 special display exchange meetings, "learning theory," Experience, check the problem, bright rectification, more powerful "integration", adhere to the "eight remediation" as the focus, with the self-revolutionary spirit, and promote the "two maintenance" more consciously, and the university is more Vibration, the agency is more optimized, is more effective for the people to solve the problem, the party building work is more strengthened; adhere to the "seven lead" as the key, the leadership team members have played the project, adopted "? ? ? ? ? ?" Provincial area and city research, led the "five topics" and several special rectifications, first-level grading, implementation, forming the heart, the mission, looking for the gap, grasping the strong atmosphere.

The meeting emphasized that the theme education has the deadline, strengthening the leadership team and the cadres’ team has no rest, guarding the initial heart, and affairing the anergery of the actions. Next, we must adhere to the "three deepening" as the requirements, consolidate the results of development theme education. To deepen theoretical learning, always learn to implement the Chinese characteristic socialist thinking as the primary political task, firmly adhere to the absolute leadership of the party to the political and legal work, and then "two maintenance" first arrays; to deepen the problem rectification In-depth promotion of eight special rectification, to grasp the toughness and strength of the iron, to ensure that the commitment is fulfilled, and the trust is deepened to the people, and the innovation and improve the system mechanism will achieve results, form the length of the original Effect mechanism. Li Mayan fully affirmed the significant results of the theme education of the Central Political and Legal Committee.

He pointed out that since the theme education of "I don’t forget the initial heart, remember the mission", the central government and legal committee’s theory has been more enthusiastic, the ideological and political background is more pure, and the business is more powerful, and the people are more conscious, and it is more integrity. .

The leadership team highly attached great importance to the "eight focus", the theme education has to have a sound color, an orderly and effective; focusing on the fundamental task, and learn to practice the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in the new era of China, studying, learning More step, deeper the first floor; grasp the key measures, the theme education is distinct, forming highlights; focusing on the current key task, focusing the people’s hate, the most complaint, the most annoying problem, strengthening the implementation, the implementation of the political and legal work A new service is new.

He emphasizes that he must persist in the unremitting strengthening theory, continue to study and implement the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping; Track the results, prevent rebound, and consolidate the people in actual results; to adhere to the unforgettable, keep in mind the mission as an eternal issue, lifetime topics, and strengthen the party’s construction with the spirit of self-revolution.

Bai Shaokang, deputy secretary general of the Central Political and Legal Committee, presided over the meeting, the central government and legal organs and all party members and cadres of all direct units.

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